Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.6, Winterfest, Steroids

This post is so random, just so you know.
As you know, I started a steroid pack to clear up my hives around my incisions. That didn't go so well. All weekend, I was angry and upset with everything and everyone. But I honestly couldn't control it. Saturday night I broke down because I was so frustrated that I was so angry and I couldn't control it. I also couldn't handle pain. I have a very high pain tolerance, so even though my abdomen where I had surgery still hurts, I'm mostly off pain medicine. I do have to take Ibuprofen and Tramadol sometimes. But on Saturday, I could not handle it. So I took some medicine and that helped. My mom told me to stop taking the steroids.  Thankfully, my rash is mostly better, and I can continue using the steroid cream. I continued to have the steroid side effects Sunday, but I think now they have stopped. My body just can't handle steroids for whatever reason.
I just walked 1.6 miles in 10 minutes! Yesterday I walked 1.7 miles. Have you all used the Wii Fit? It's really fun and helpful! Everyday, it weighs you, tells you your BMI, and shows you how your balance is. Then, you can do exercises to help accomplish different things.
I've lost a lot of strength during recovery from surgery, and from the past 2-3 years since I got sick. I really need to build it back up. For such a long time, I wasn't allowed to do any physical activity because of my heart problems. I haven't done anything since then.
I'm starting slow, since I am still recovering from surgery. I've been working on my balance, and walking everyday. I didn't do anything on Saturday and Sunday because my abdomen, where I had surgery, was hurting a lot.
One of the reasons I started building up my strength this week is because Winterfest is this weekend! If you don't know what that is, you can read my post about last years Winterfest here. I am planning to go, and can't wait!!
This weekend I got to sleep in my room again!! Although the stairs are still a mountain that stabs me with knives in my stomach, it's been great.
I also got to go to church on Sunday! I didn't go to class Sunday morning, just worship, but I did get to go to our prayer meeting and church Sunday night!
This week I am going to rest and not really go anywhere so that I can be ready for Winterfest!
Tonight, we have a phone conference with my Lyme doctor. We have lots of things to discuss. I'll update tonight or tomorrow with everything we talk about and find out.
Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about the bad reaction to the steroids! Just remember you're never going to react well to every single thing - I think you're generally doing really really well, don't let this knock you back!

    Walking 1.6 miles in 10 minutes - that's amazing! I'm just trying to imagine how far that is from my house, and I think at a normal pace it would take me just over 10 minutes to walk 1 mile, let alone 1.6. So wow! Well done! That's so awesome that you got to sleep in your room as well, yay!!

    Have an AMAZING time at Winterfest & keep the posts coming - your attitude is amazing (I think I'm borderline overusing the word 'amazing' in this comment!). Lots of love! xxx

  2. I'm now helping with Youth Group on Sunday AMs, Core Group. Look for me next time you are in class. I'm at table 6.

    Have lots of fun at Winterfest!!!