Monday, January 31, 2011

Some pictures!

Here's a couple more pictures of my last ER trip. You're probably wondering why we take pictures in the hospital, especially when I go twice a week like this past week. What else are we going to do when there's nothing to do besides taking a million pictures of each and every room. Plus, this way it'll jog my memory since there's some things I don't remember because of the medicine they give me. And of course we take them just so you can see too :)

This was before all the medicine. I was not feeling good at all, as you can tell from the no smile.
Feeling better!

Our back yard on Saturday. Almost 80 degrees. They're still saying tonight and tomorrow we are going to get 10-14 inches of snow with at least -10 degree temps. Schools are pretty much closed tomorrow. It should be crazy!! I'll post pictures!

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  1. Wait, so is 80 degrees COLD?!?! We do things in C here but I could've sworn 80 was pretty warm. I'm confused! x x