Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update after appointment

We just got back from my appointment with the surgeon. We actually didn't see the surgeon because he is out of town, but we saw one of the other doctors who was in my surgery too. She was very nice!
She looked at my incisions and hives and said that the incisions are healing well! They don't look infected or anything so that's really good! She said I could be allergic to the stitches so that's what could be causing the hives. So she put me on a steroid pack to clear it up and gave me some steroid cream. Hopefully it will help soon.
To get the cysts and endometriosis under control, we are going to having to shut everything down. She said that I had lots of internal bleeding in my pelvis and abdomen from the endometriosis and cysts, so we really need to stop that. To shut it down, I will get a series of injections.
But, before we start that, they want us to check with my Lyme doctor to make sure that is okay. You mean they actually believe I have Lyme and want us to consult with my doctor?! Yes! We love them there! They have never, ever questioned us. So my mom is talking to my Lyme doctor next week. If he approves of it, we'll go back in to my surgeon and go over everything that will happen and then start it. They said that the side effects (hot flashes, irritability, hard time sleeping) are what's hardest for young girls my age. It will be a hard adjustment, but it will be worth it. We don't want anymore surgeries.
The concerning thing has to do with my blood work. Ever since last May, my platelet count has been low. We haven't really done anything about it, thinking it would resolve itself. Today the doctor said that my platelets are still low. They did blood work again today and if they are still low, I will need to see a hematologist/oncologist. Apparently they are the same doctor. She said not to freak out about going there, they just need to make sure everything is okay. We are also going to talk to my Lyme doctor about this.
My red blood cells are also low, so I don't know what's going on. There were several things on my blood work that were not right. I'm sure it's something simple and will be easy to fix.
For now, I'm doing the Wii fit everyday to try and build my strength back up. For a month I've done nothing but lay on the couch, so I've lost a lot of strength! I need to build it back up.

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  1. That's so awesome that they want to check things with your Lyme doctor!!!

    Praying that it works out okay with your bloodwork, and that the steroids will clear up the hives.

    Loads of love xxx