Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard-Day 2 and Landon's birthday!

We are still snowed in! School is cancelled again for tomorrow. We tried to get out of our driveway today just to see if we could, and we couldn't even with my dad and brother shoveling it. It was a whole 4 degrees today! Better than yesterday!

Last night's sunset

These pictures are from today. I made my dad go take these for me :)
Here is our house with Landon and his friend shoveling. Our driveway is weird and is steep going down. One of the snow drifts on our driveway was level with the street, so it was 3 or 4 feet.

Another view of our house. This blizzard wasn't as pretty as last years, because of all the wind and it was a dry snow.

It was a pretty sunny day!

Today is Landon's 13th birthday! I told him he should take a day off from school since it is his birthday..haha
Happy day of your birth Landon!!!! I love you!

Landon in Florida last Christmas

Landon and I in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past summer.
Since we can't go out to eat for his birthday, we're having a wonderful home made dinner and chocolate cake! Landon has been in and out of the house all day sledding, so he's had fun!!

Today I finally decided to add labels to all my posts. So I went through all of them. I put a label cloud on the side of my blog, so hopefully it will be easier for people to find posts! I also re-arranged things, so take a look at that!

I hope you have had a wonderful day!

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  1. Happy birthday Landon! Sounds like a fun day to have a birthday!!

    It must have taken you forever to add all those labels! I did mine last week and it took ages, but you've been blogging wayyy longer than I have!