Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We need more answers.

My appointment yesterday was good. The doctor started to think the pain could be from muscular skeleton problems, so he had another doctor come in. They ended up ruling that out. My Lyme doctor is wondering if part of the problem could be that there is an infection in my abdomen. We brought that up at my appointment yesterday, and he said it's worth a try. I had extensive blood work done, to see if there is an infection, but I'm starting on antibiotics anyway. The other theory is that it is scar tissue and adhesions binding organs together. That is our last resort because that would mean surgery again. We're trying everything we can before we go there. The doctor also wants us to get a second opinion. He wants me to see my primary care doctor to see what he thinks about the pain.

Late last night, I got a terrible headache and had fever. I'm feeling a little better today, but just feel so tired.

I'm praying that I feel okay on Friday because there is a youth lock-in at church. From 7pm Friday night until 7pm Saturday night, our church is having 24 hours of prayer. There is a room at church set up with things to pray for. The youth takes the prayer slots in the middle of the night during the lock-in. Each teen is scheduled to go to the prayer room at a specific time for 20 minutes. But anyone is allowed in there at any time. It's neat to see the adults who wake up in the middle of the night and come to church to pray, or the teens who give up playing games because they want to go pray. There is a board in the room with everyone's name who goes to church there. Once you pray for them, you check off their name so that everyone gets prayed for at least once.

At the lock-in, we play games, have special worship times, and drink a lot of caffeine to stay awake.

I'm really excited since I will be at church at midnight when it's my birthday! Until then, I'm going to rest so that I can go to the lock-in Friday night, and celebrate my birthday on Saturday. I just wish that we would have gotten more answers yesterday.


  1. The lock in sounds amazing - what a wonderful idea to make sure everyone gets prayed for individually!! I'm praying you'll get to go & will be okay for it. And it sounds like a lot of fun! Take care, loads of love xxx

  2. Praying for u!
    Follower #50! :]

  3. Victoria - I'm sorry you didn't get any more answers. I am really glad you will get to participate in the 24 hours of prayer. Knowing others have prayed for me is a great and humbling feeling. And happy birthday!!!