Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, the blizzard is actually happening. Schools and businesses started closing last night, before there was even a snow flake falling from the sky. We are in a state of emergency, with the national guard here to rescue people. No one went to work, and everyone is stuck inside enjoying a day off. Most schools and businesses have closed for tomorrow too. There's about a foot of snow on the ground, along with ice. Snow drifts are up to 6 feet, and some businesses roofs have collapsed. The news stations are in heaven! They get to report all day and night. When I woke up, before I looked outside, it was so bright that I thought maybe the snow didn't come. When I looked outside, I knew that was not the case. We're having complete whiteouts, and sometimes can't see down the street because of the blowing snow. For all you who live up north or where you have snow a lot, you're probably laughing at us. But for us, this literally shuts the state down for days. I love it!

The temperatures are in the negatives, with wind gusts of 50mph.

We have beautiful Cardinals in our backyard, along with other birds, that are so pretty against the white snow.

We measured how deep it is right here, and it is about 2 feet. It's getting deeper too!
You can tell from this picture how it is blowing, but this picture doesn't show how much it's blowing.
A look down the street
The best quote from a news man today was, "I will probably get in trouble for this, but I'm sure that it would be colder if it wasn't for global warning". I'll remind you that the temperature is in the negatives with the wind chill. Coldest that we've had in 15 years. Hahaha!
We're going to make a few yummy soups this after to have for the next few days. I love when everyone is stuck at home! Especially when I couldn't have gone anywhere anyway cause I'm sick!
Stay warm, and I'll update later!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I love that you think 2 feet is something to laugh at.. if we got 2 feet here I actually don't know what would happen. 6 inches literally shuts down the whole country & causes what you're talking about in this post. 2 feet would probably be the end of us.

  2. I was thinking the same thing you posted...everyone is now doing what you are doing. I just hope you are not in pain and don't need to get to the ER! Those are excellent pictures by the way!!