Friday, October 2, 2009

God can, God is!

At church I'm on the leadership team in the youth group. I'm specifically on the prayer team. There are six of us who make up the team. Our goal is to help make prayer something that isn't just something we do because we're supposed to. God CAN do anything and God IS answering our prayers. So the 6 of us decided that every night at 9:30 we were going to do a 6 way call to pray together. Since there are 6 of us, we each have a night to say the prayer and the 7th day we just decided who is going to pray. I honestly didn't know how long this would last. But it's been so great!! I don't think we've missed a night for the 2 weeks we've been doing it. We all stop what we're doing every night and share prayer requests and talk about what's going on. Then we pray. I look forward to every night because it's so encouraging to have a group of us that are dedicated to being there for each other and praying together.
We made a bulletin board that is up in the hallway of the youth building that says God Can, God Is. There are sticky notes for people to put prayer requests under the God Can side. Then people can put answered prayers under the God Is side. So if you have any prayer requests comment on here and we'll pray for them! I hope you have a great weekend!!

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