Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates...

I'm sorry that I haven't posted lately. The last few days have been stressful. Thursday, we met with my doctor, and then went to my MRI and ultrasound. I was worried about the MRI because I had to hold my breath for 23-26 seconds. Your prayers worked because I was able to do it! We only had to repeat 3 out of the 15 pictures because I breathed too soon. We got the MRI done, and went to the next room for the ultrasound. They couldn't see anything with the regular abdominal ultrasound because the intestines were in the way. It caused me great pain, so we left and went to the clinic to talk to the my doctor about it. We really needed to see what was going on, so we scheduled another ultrasound (the not fun one) for the next day (Friday). I didn't do a push Thursday night because of the pain I was in from the tests.

Friday morning we got to the clinic early to pre-medicate me for the ultrasound. They couldn't find a vein, so that took a while. They gave me IV pain medicine and Ativan, which is a light sedative, and then we immediately went to the ultrasound. I thought I wouldn't remember it, but unfortunately I do. It was not fun! Whoever decided it was okay to do that kind of ultrasound is crazy. I got through it, and we were done pretty fast. We went back to the clinic for my push, and because I was so uncomfortable, even with the medicine they gave me with before. We do have good news though! They didn't see a cyst! We haven't gotten the official report, but the lady doing the ultrasound didn't see a cyst!

We got to the clinic and got me more comfortable, and I got my shots and the push.

Yesterday (Saturday), we just hung out at the apartment, because I'm not feeling well. Friday night I didn't sleep well at all because of the pain. I'm hurting a lot from the cyst rupturing, and just don't feel well. It was nice outside, so we sat by the pool and read.

Today, we are doing the same thing as yesterday. I slept a little better than the night before, but still not great. I'm still hurting and generally don't feel good.

We thought the pain would be better since the cyst ruptured, but it hasn't let up yet. We are hoping in the next few days that it will get better!!

I think I'm just worn out from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and all the tests and extra medication I needed. I'm glad those tests are over.

All the other times that we've come here for treatment, we've been able to go to church here. We found a little church that we like, and have gotten to know a lot of the members since we've been here so much. This trip, I haven't been at all. My mom has been a couple times, but I just haven't felt well enough to go. I hate not going to church. At home, Sunday's are for church and fellowship. It's so weird not to do that.

Life here is so different than home. Here, our life is centered around treatment. It's very tiring and emotionally hard. One of the best parts though, is meeting all the people at the clinic. They become your family, because everyone is separated from their real family. Most people have traveled a long ways from home. We are all together at the clinic everyday, for weeks or months. I love how we become family. We encourage one another. We pray for one another. We run errands for one another. We cry with one another. If someone is having a hard day, we all cry with them. If someone is doing great, we rejoice with them. Just like this verse.

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15

I still talk to people who were at the clinic with us from previous trips. It's so amazing how God gives you people who are going through the same thing.

Thank you for your prayers and for everything you do. Last week I received SO many cards and packages. It really encourages us! Thank you so much for the support!! I love you all!

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  1. Your attitude helps me to have perspective.

    Don't worry about not having updated - you've got a LOT on your plate so take care of yourself first!! Still praying for you x x