Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday night update

Today was interesting. We got to the clinic around 11 and I started my IV. The abdominal pain got worse as always about 30 minutes into the IV. Once I got some medicine, I was fine for a while until it wore off. I got another dose, and we headed out to lymphatics after I finished my IV. We de-accessed my port before going to lymphatics since we thought I wouldn't need it. Usually we just come back for my shots. The arm shot, butt shot, and push. They have to do the push in a vein in the arm, not through a port or PICC line, so that's why we went ahead and took the needle out of my port.

Lymphatics was fine for most of it. She uses wands that break up lymphatic knots all over the body. One wand session is equivalent to ten manual sessions (working the knots out with your hands). Until today we have not put wands on my right side where all the pain is. She asks everytime and I got tired of her asking if she could put them there, so I said yes today.

So she put one wand on planned to leave it there for 8 minutes. Four minutes in, I told her she had to take it off. She did, and we quickly finished my session. I hid it well that I was in so much pain. As we walked to the car, I honestly thought I was going to pass out from the pain. It was as bad, or worse than when we went to the ER on Sunday night. We raced to the clinic, of course catching every red light there. I barely made it to a chair and lost it. I was in so much pain. I felt nauseous and like I could get sick, and I couldn't catch my breath. They quickly started another IV (tried a vein in my arm but couldn't get it, so they accessed my port again) and got fluids and medicine going. It took 2 strong doses of medicine to touch the pain.

My doctor saw me and said there's no way I should do a push tonight. I didn't even do my arm or butt shot.

Once the fluids went in, and I could move again, we got to leave.

Im still hurting quite a bit, but not nearly as bad as earlier. We will definitely not put wands there again, unless I think I can tolerate it.

Tomorrow I have a busy day. I'll go to the clinic in the morning for my IVs. Then, at 2:30 I have the rest of my MRI of my abdomen. At 3:30 I have an ultrasound of my abdomen and pelvis. At 5, we meet with my doctor, and get my shots. So it will be a crazy day!

Today I received so many cards from my youth group and people back home and it made my day! I've received several packages, including a beautiful blanket! I will post a picture sometime! I've gotten so many cards, and they are so encouraging. It is very hard to be so far away from home, going through all of this. But the cards are a great reminder at how much people care.

So thank you once again for your prayers and encouragement!! It really makes a difference. I'll update when I find out anything!


  1. Praying for tomorrow to be a good day. Love you! Tell your mom I'm thinking of her as well.

  2. I don't think there's much I can say that I haven't said before. But I'm still here & still praying x x x

  3. I can't believe how much you've had to endure. I'm praying for you.