Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last week, my vein must have collapsed or something, so one of the medicines they put in my veins leaked out into the tissue, causing swelling and pain and redness. This is what it looked like..they said it will take a week or two to fully heal. It's definitely better than it was, and I can use my arm again!

Thursday I woke up with the worst sore throat. I couldn't talk or really swallow because it hurt so much. I had fever too, but that's nothing new. Have you ever tried not talking for day? It's very hard!!  Because I couldn't swallow, I couldn't take any of my medicines that I needed to. My blood pressure and heart rate was very high because I was in so much pain, and couldn't take any medicine. We met with my doctor right when we got to the clinic, and he wasn't feeling well either. He gave me a flu push in my IV, which is a homeopathic medicine to prevent me from getting the flu. He said there was a little bit of fluid behind my ears, which told him I had a fever overnight. There must be some kind of virus going around the clinic. Everytime I get over one virus, I get hit with another one. I'm very low in iron and protein, so we need to work on increasing those things. I am starting iron pills. During my appointment, we talked about long term things, but mostly about things that needed immediate attention like pain, nausea, coughing, and those types of things. We talked about doing more Vitamin C IVs to help with the viruses, but decided against it because it causes additional abdominal pain, and I was already hurting so much. I had IV medicine since I couldn't take my oral meds.

They have added another shot to the protocol right now. It's another detox shot, that is to help with any radiation from Japan. I guess it is being detected here in Reno. So now I get a detox (arm) shot either before or during my IVs, then an hour after I'm finished with my IVs, I get another detox (arm) shot, the butt shot, and the push (in a vein in my arm).

My cough is mostly better now! I still sometimes take the cough medicine and/or a breathing treatment or inhaler. I don't need them as often thank goodness.

Friday I woke up feeling okay. I got to the clinic and ate some yogurt to take my medicines. That didn't go so well and I ended up getting sick. So for the 2nd day in a row, I couldn't take my medicines. I also still had fever. Getting sick caused the abdominal pain to increase (just like coughing does). I ended up getting lots of IV medicine since I couldn't take my oral meds. I got IV fluids too because I'm very dehydrated.

Sunday I wasn't feeling very good, so we didn't go anywhere. Around 4pm the abdominal pain got so bad. We called my doctor and he told us to go to the hospital if it didn't get better. So we got to ER (same one as we went to a month ago) and went through the normal routine. I had an ultrasound, not a CT because I've had too much radiation from all the CT scans I've had recently. They couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. Once we got the pain under control, we went back to the apartment. It was around 9 or 10 that night before we left the hospital.

The pain is still really bad. On Thursday I have the rest of my MRI and another ultrasound to see if we can see if the cyst is still there, or if it ruptured.

The detox IVs that I get everyday really aggravate my abdomen, which leaves me needing more pain medicine. We talked with my doctor today about whether it is better to not do IVs to keep the pain down, or do IVs and just take pain medicine. He said to do the IVs and pain medicine.

I've been doing the push everyday, but haven't gotten much of a reaction. We went up on the dose tonight, but I'm just hurting more and nothing else.

The results from my tests on Thursday will help determine what to do next. Please pray that we can figure out what to do.

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  1. You shouldn't have to go through all this. You are so strong, Victoria. You amaze me and inspire me. I can't express how much I admire you.