Thursday, April 28, 2011


I realize I haven't told you what happened last week. I will eventually, but the short story is I have some kind of stomach and intestinal infection. This week has been like last week, but not as bad. I've been getting vitamin C IVs along with tons of fluids. Im still throwing up a few times a day. Yesterday I did a detox IV and I had a terrible reaction to it. The abdominal pain got horrible, and I threw up, making the pain worse. It made my whole body hurt too and I got so hot. They gave me some kind of medicine in my IV, but that made everything worse so they ended up giving me another dose of Dilauded (pain medicine). That finally calmed it down. I was in so much pain and crying so hard.

I haven't done pushes the past week because of the stomach/intestinal thing. I was supposed to start them yesterday again, but after the IV we decided not to. Im so glad we didn't because we got a surprise last night!

Earlier this week, my dad told us someone from church was coming to Reno for work. He was bringing some presents for my mom and I from my dad and brother. So my mom was supposed to meet him at the airport when he got here and get the gifts that my dad sent.

My mom got to the airport a few minutes before the plane landed at 11pm last night. She was waiting for the guy from church, when she sees my dad and brother coming down the escalator!! She was so confused and thought she was seeing things!

So they are here for several days!!!! The guy who was supposed to be bringing our presents actually got the plane tickets for my dad and brother! They decided to come just a few days ago, so it was a last minute thing. We were SO surprised. I stayed at the apartment and didn't know they were here until they walked in the door and I was shocked!!! We stayed up really late and thankfully got to sleep in this morning. They are here until Sunday! What a great surprise! We haven't seen them in over a month.

Later today we are meeting with my doctor for our weekly appointment. I'll try and update later tonight or tomorrow, depending on if I do a push and how Im feeling.

Thank you for all the prayers and cards and packages!! We've been so blessed by you all and can't thank you enough. Thank you to the person who got my dad and brother plane tickets to come visit us!!

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