Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Update

Here is a picture of Allen and Robin Dutton and my mom and I on Friday. They left yesterday to go back to Brazil. It was great to be at the clinic with them for a week!

The push Friday was a little worse than Thursday. It didn't hit right away, but got worse later that evening. Yesterday and this morning, I woke up soaking wet from my fevers. It is not a pleasant thing! I've felt more run down and feverish this weekend. We did drive to Lake Tahoe yesterday, and it was nice to get away from Reno. Everyday last week at the clinic I got breathing treatments. I haven't done any since Friday because we haven't been at the clinic, so I've been having some major coughing fits. I require breathing treatments as if I had asthma because of the virus I have.

We've just been hanging around the apartment today, as I do not feel well enough to go to church or do anything. Today my coughing has been really bad, and I've been in lots of pain. I'm still on pain and cough medicine around the clock.

They make the push every weekend, so it is usually stronger at the beginning of the week. We will stay at the clinic tomorrow for several hours after I get the push to make sure I can handle it. We will see how it goes!


  1. Okay, can I just say how amazing you look??

    From everything you have to endure I can't help but picture you bed-ridden, and if you are up, then weak-looking at best. But Victoria you look incredible! You're such a beautiful girl and the fact that you can keep smiling is just another sign of your awesome strength. You are such a fighter!!!

  2. Hang in there!

    I just thought I would check in on my favorite High School girl!

  3. Keep hanging in there it can only get better... Hey, e-mail me I have a shot in the dark.