Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a crazy but good weekend! My aunt got here Friday so we headed to Lake Tahoe. We went to the North Shore and it was great weather! Yesterday we went back to Tahoe. On the way there, someone was switching lanes and didn't see us. They hit the front left of our car then drove away. So we stopped and got out to see if there was damage and there wasn't a scratch on the car!! That was pretty scary, but thankfully no one was hurt. We then went to South Tahoe. We drove around all day and decided to stay for the fireworks! The fireworks were over the lake so we found a great beach to watch them from. It was a full moon over the mountains and lake; it was so gorgeous.

This morning we went to church. After church we decided to go see a movie at the outdoor mall here. When we were pulling into the parking spot someone didn't see us and hit us again in the exact same spot. What in the world is going on?! Two days in a row we get hit. There was damage this time. We exchanged information and waited around for a while. We are finally safe at home.

This week is going to be a really hard week. I have some hard treatments to do so that I can hopefully go home Friday! The doctor will
let us know early this week if I can go home...I am praying that I can go home. This will be my fourth straight week of treatments. I am SO SO SO ready to be home.

These are pictures from the weekend at Tahoe

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