Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home sweet home!

It is SO great to be home! Sunday was such a wonderful day. Missions Sunday is probably my favorite day at church!!!
I am still doing IV fluids at home every other day or everyday. All my medicines and shots haven't arrived in the mail yet so obviously I can't do them...so sad. ha not! They can take as long as they want to get here!! It is nice to have a break from having a schedule full of medicines and shots.
Yesterday my home nurse came to change my PICC line dressing. Every time she comes we fill out a bunch of paperwork and she takes my vitals. For some reason my blood pressure has been super low for a month or two and my heart rate is always really high. Dressing change day is the best day of the week! Yes it hurts some, but when she cleans it, she is scratching it for you and it feels so good! My skin gets really irritated from having a dressing on it all the time so it always itches like crazy!!! I always ask her to clean it extra good so that she scratches it more...ha!
So yesterday afternoon I started getting a horrible rash around my PICC line. It started itching even more (which I didn't think was possible). I took some Benadryl and that did nothing. I figured out that now I am allergic to the stat-lock, which is what keeps the PICC line from coming out. By last night, there were blisters starting to form and it was a little swollen. I kept an icepack on it for a while. At midnight I couldn't take it anymore. It was hurting and itching so bad. Our only choices were to go to the ER or for me to change the dressing and put some itching cream on it. We were not going to the ER so, I got all geared up with a mask and gloves and started taking off the plastic dressing. I cleaned it with Iodine and then apparently alcohol. I didn't realize that it was straight alcohol until it got in all the blisters. At that point I wanted to scream. Never ever ever again will I do that. I put a new dressing and some cream on the blisters and rash.
I woke up this morning and it has gotten worse. It looks pretty nasty. I won't show you pictures this time..be thankful!
On Thursday I am going to visit church camp since all my friends are there this week! I'm really excited!! It's weird not being at camp. I will try and put up some pictures soon!


  1. I had rashes and major problems around my stat lock too. I also had major candida problems and found I was allergic to the stuff in the picc line cleaning supplies. We wound up only having to use alcohol during my changes and only using mediopore (something like that) for my bandages b/c the tegaderm would irritate it as well.

  2. it's good to read all of this so i can know every detail while i am away. i love you and am so glad i got to see you tonight!