Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Contest!

As some of you have guessed, I was making a costume! Yesterday the youth group had a costume contest. We also painted pumpkins! The only rules for the costume contest was that you couldn't be a person or character. I decided to be an IV pole! And guess what? I won!!

My real IV pole at home comes apart so I took the top off and used it as the top of my costume. I hung a real IV bag on it above my head. I made the IV pump out of a box and wore it around me. I put the IV pole legs coming off of my legs. Let me tell you, it was not comfortable at all! It was very hard to walk in and almost impossible to sit it. But it was so much fun!!!!


  1. Great costume. So very creative. And your senior pics are abolutely beautiful; just like you1 Luv ya lots,

  2. I love your costume! That is so adorable. Great attitude!