Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

A year ago on Wednesday I had surgery to have a port put in my chest. This port has been great! It's been through a lot in it's short life.
It's been through...
  • a traumatic transplant into my body during surgery. It was not happy about that and boy did it let me know afterwords!
  • weekly needle stabs right in the middle of it
  • never ending blood draws from it
  • too many IVs and different medicines to count going into it
It's gone places that some people never get to go to...
  • Nevada- it got a needle stuck into it everyday for 2 weeks straight
  • Brazil and Argentina!- it was just along for the ride!
  • Florida- it got to go on vacation with us, but it got used for IV fluids several times
  • And Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, California
We've been through a lot together, my port and I. Even when I say goodbye to my port, I will always have a reminder of it. I will always have a beautiful scar.

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  1. Your positive attitude is incredible, I have so much admiration for you! xx