Monday, March 29, 2010

"Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to it."

That is the warning on one of my medicines. I'm glad they cleared that up for me...Do they really need to say that? I guess so...
Also, if you ever read the side effects for your medicine, you might get really confused . For example, the beta blocker I was on, said it might cause drowsiness and dizziness. I was put on this medicine to try to help the dizziness along with many other things. My sleep medicine says may cause drowsiness. Umm isn't that the reason I'm taking it? There are so many funny things like this. Like anti-depressants cause depression. What? Some things I will never understand.
I'm still sick with whatever I have and I'm up a lot during the night coughing. At least I can talk now!
I'm starting the new treatment plans soon. We're working on getting a schedule made because there is so much to take. I have started 3 medicines already. They are liquids and I put 2 of them in 4 ounces water in a glass cup. I put 10 drops of each in the water and then let it sit for 1 minute. Those don't taste too bad. The other liquid, I just swallow. It is so gross. I'm pretty good at taking medicines no matter their taste but this one is a little over the line. I put 30 drops of it in my mouth for 30 seconds then swallow. It has a nasty texture of something that should be illegal to swallow. It tastes like extreme salt water mixed with some other nasty stuff. I am supposed to do all of that 4 times a day...
Tonight I am going to a unique Bible study about spiritual disciplines. I will tell you how it goes! I'm really excited.


  1. I always laugh at the side effects cause by medicines. Especially when it seems they have stated the obvious. I've always laughed at our toner bottles because they say "do not eat". Really, who sits down with a spoon and thinks toner would be a delious snack?

  2. my favorite is the 'do not eat' on the yeast infection medicine. like really, why would i eat that?

    <3 hannah