Thursday, March 18, 2010

Side effects just stink

Side effects really stink. I'm tired of all these side effects. I'm tired of having to take medicine for the side effects caused by another medicine. This beta blocker medicine is making me CRAZY. I am not myself at all. I'm not in a good mood about anything and I can't control how I act. It's like I'm a completely different person. I am spastic sometimes and then suddenly I will just crash. I feel so weird... My mom called my cardiologist so we are waiting for him to call us back. I'm just not tolerating this medicine at all. The doctor should call us by tomorrow.
We got the okay from my Lyme doctor to resume treatments again. We really need to kill the Lyme so that it doesn't damage my heart or anything more than it has. So I am starting the new medicine that helps my joints. Guess how many pills I have to take a day? Okay I'll just tell you... Eighteen pills a day. That's right, eighteen a day. I'm starting back on all my other medicines too. That means that I'm going back to the 20 pills of supplements too. I'm also starting back on the butt shot everyday. There's a new medicine to kill the Lyme that comes in a liquid. I start with 1 drop a day because it is so strong. We are praying that I don't have bad herx reactions from the toxins from the bacteria. There are a few other liquids I will take.
I'm also still taking my heart medicine and sleep medicine and sometimes pain medicine.
So in one day I will take over 40 pills, a couple shots, liquid medicines, and an iv.
Good thing I am a pro at swallowing pills.
That's a quick update about everything. We are praying that we will hear from my cardiologist tomorrow and can come up with a new plan.


  1. Goodness girl! This is too much for one girl to bear! I am praying for you!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!