Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Still Yours! How Great is out God.

On Monday night I got to go to a Bible Study, where we actually studied the Bible...I feel like a lot of times we don't actually study the Bible when we go to a "Bible study". I think a lot of times we focus on trying to entertain rather than just reading the Bible and learning through others.
We are all at different places in our lives. We have different struggles and strengths. It is so amazing to be able to read the same scripture and yet get out of it different things. God comes to each of us where we are then. He speaks different things through scripture that deals with where we are in life. We had about 14 minutes to read the whole book of Colossians or just read a section over and over focusing on a different word every time. Once we came back together we started talking about things that stuck out to us. The first thing we talked about is how the book of Colossians is all about the supremacy of Christ. It's telling us to put God at the center of our lives because without Him we would have life. If everything was taken from us, would we still praise God?
There is an amazing video about how big God is. It's called How Great is Our God and it's long but so worth it. It's on Youtube and it's split up into sections. I SO recommend watching it. In that video it talks about human DNA and how small atoms and everything are. The video explains this but there is something called Laminin inside us. It is so small, and yet it is the ONLY thing that holds our body together. Guess what it looks like? It is a CROSS. The thing that is holding us together is the CROSS. It is life changing to think about. Here is the link to the section about Laminin. Please watch it. It's not long and it incredible. Let me know if you have any thoughts when you watch it.

"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17.

WOW. God is amazing.

Last night at church we heard a story about a man who moved to the United States and converted to Christianity. There were two reasons. He said that where he came from no one was loving towards others. Those high up in religion would walk past poor and needy people. He came here and saw that Christianity was different than most religions because it teaches to love and serve everyone. He had never seen people care about other people as much as the Christians that he saw. The other reason he converted was because he realized there is no one like our Savior Jesus. It all comes back to love and sacrifice. There has never been anyone who would die for a person who was sinning even when He gave His life. He died because I am living in sin. We can't be in Gods presence with our sinful lives because God is so pure and can't be in the presence of sin. But when Jesus died, the veil was torn. There had to be human blood as a sacrifice so that we won't be separated from God. Jesus died because of ME and my sins. The man who was converted has so much passion to tell others about God because he has seen that God is real and is working.
We were asked a question last night. If this man, or anyone, followed us around, would he know that we follow Jesus? We always celebrate the resurrection of Christ so much! But we forget that he DIED. He took one last breath and DIED, even though we are the ones who should die. We need to start living life with as much passion as a new Christian who gets how big of a sacrifice that is. We are too laid back with our faith. And because of Jesus dying we have LIFE. Eternal life. Why would we not want to show love to everyone? Showing love to people is a great start because then they might ask why we love people so much.
This is a song I recently heard. I love it.
I'm Still Yours by Kutless
If You washed away my vanity
If You took away my words
If all my world was swept away
Would You be enough for me?
Would my beating heart still sing?
If I lost it all, would my hands stay lifted
To the God who gives and takes away?
If You take it all, this life You've given
Still my heart will sing to You
When my life is not what I expected
The plans I made have failed
When there's nothing left to steal me away
Will You be enough for me?
Will my broken heart still sing?
If I lost it all, would my hands stay lifted
To the God who gives and takes away?
If You take it all, this life You've given
Still my heart will sing to You
Even if You take it all away
You'll never let me go
You take it all away and I still know
That I'm Yours, I'm still Yours
Oh, I'm Yours, I'm still Yours

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