Friday, March 5, 2010

Pain Management Appointment and Spring!

This has been a long week! Tuesday I was really sick all day from a migraine. I don't think I moved all day. I'm a little obsessed with the movie Elf. So on Tuesday I watched Elf and RV! It was exciting!
Wednesday I had a surprise doctor's appointment. Surprise as in finding out a few hours before the appointment. Let's just say I wasn't excited when I found out. We drove down to Children's Hospital and arrived at 3:02. Two minutes late. Not a big deal right? Well it didn't seem like a big deal until we grew old sitting and waiting for the doctors to come. I filled out the routine paper work in the waiting room. When I got called back the nurse took all my vitals. She put me in my room and asked if we wanted some water or coffee. We should have taken that as a hint as about how long we would wait. We waited and waited and waited for a long time. The posters in the room made no sense at all which was a bummer because those usually take up time. Thank goodness for wireless internet at the hospital! I spend some time playing Words with Friends...okay, I am SO obsessed with this game. It's okay because Scrabble helps you learn more words right? Good. I don't feel as bad now.
Finally there was a knock on the door and it was only one of my doctors. I see a pain management team which means a million doctors. Just kidding, only three hundred...minus the hundred. She came in with so much energy! Wow she wore me out! She's great though. She said they were switching to electronic files and they were three hours behind. No joke. She left us and told us everyone would come in soon. Soon meaning 45 minutes. They all came in and we caught them up on everything. (Is it really necessary to make us go through the same exact information that we filled out on the book of paperwork in the waiting room? Just go look it up! They end up reading the paper work to see what medicines I am on because there's no way I can pronounce them..)
Any way, we went through everything and I'm not sure what all we talked about. Sorry...once again I was not completely listening. But we did talk talk about what is causing my fast heart rate and heart muscles not to function right. The cardiologist was really thinking it was the sleep medicine (Amitriptyline) that the pain team put me on. We told him (cardiologist) that I had stopped taking the sleep medicine for two weeks and my heart was still fast. So yesterday we asked my pain management team if they thought it could be causing the heart problems. They said that the medicine can cause heart arrhythmia (heart skipping beats) but not tachycardia. I think we have now ruled out that it is not from my medicine. That means that the Lyme is probably causing it. We are now trying to figure out how to kill the Lyme to try to reverse the tachycardia and heart muscle problems. We aren't sure what we are going to do about it.
This weekend is Spring Visit at Oklahoma Christian so I get to go hang out there for a while! It's so pretty outside!!
I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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