Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick update about the beta blocker and side effects!

Yesterday my family and I drove to Dallas for the day! We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux! And of course my mom and I had to go to a few shops. Our excuse? Well dad, here is the reason. I am starting on lots of new medicines. So mom and I need new purses and bags to carry all my medicines and supplies!! Best excuse ever? I think so!
We left for Dallas around 1 yesterday afternoon! My cardiologist called when we were in the middle of no where so it was hard to hear him. My mom told him about all the side effects I'm having and he said that the medicine is causing that. Uhh DUH!! Thank you captain obvious! I'm so rude like's the meds, except my family says I'm always like that...probably true!
He told me to stop taking the beta blocker! I'm so glad! He said that every beta blocker will cause those problems. So unless there is no other option, I won't be on beta blockers. He is starting me on a medicine that they give people with heart failure and just heart problems in general. I'm starting that tonight. We are praying that I can tolerate this medicine better.
It is so weird because I just stopped taking the beta blocker last night. Today my heart rate is back up to 130-140. It's amazing how fast it came back...I'm all shaky and jittery from it. Hopefully it will go back down soon!
We got home from Dallas around midnight last night. Now we are sitting at home watching the blizzard. We wore shorts and tee shirts yesterday and now we can't leave the house! It's crazy!!

I hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. So are we down to 39 pills a day? Yea for NO beta blocker pill. And yea for the new purse and shopping! You deserve it! And Pappadeaux! An excellent choice!

  2. I started another new medicine so it's still 40!