Monday, March 22, 2010

very sick...

Saturday night I started my new heart medicine. Sunday morning I woke up with no voice and bad chest pains. More things kept going wrong as the day went on. My throat and ears starting hurting so badly. It felt like there was fluid in my lungs and it hurt to breathe. Because of the snow, church was held at 3pm. So we just hung out at home until then. Since I couldn't talk, I used my itouch to communicate. I spelled out words on it and then passed it to my parents. I also used a lot of pointing and hand motions. I wasn't doing well at all. I asked if I could go to church so they agreed to let me go and then planned on taking me to the after hours clinic. When we got to church I realized how sick I was. This happens a lot. I think I am feeling okay at home because I'm not around people or doing anything that takes much energy. Then when I actually leave my house I realize how tired I am.
I was sitting with my friends at church and I knew I couldn't make it much longer. I texted my parents (yes I texted them during church...don't tell.) and told them I needed to leave. So I watched for them to get up and leave the auditorium and then I left too. We got to the after hours clinic and filled out the paper work. They give you a couple papers of symptoms to check off. Most people take like 10 minutes to fill this out. I take less then 2 minutes because I have it memorized. That saves us a lot of time!
They took me back to check my vitals. My blood pressure was a little high for me, which means in the normal range for normal people. My pulse was 144 bpm. I could have told them that because when your heart rate is that high, you definitely feel it. My oxygen was 100%!
The nurse took us to my room and started asking me lots of routine questions. It's a little hard to communicate when you can't talk. By then I could whisper but it hurt so bad and took so much energy.
The doctor came in and listened to my lungs and looked in my ears. He said my ears were fine! He definitely heard something in my chest. He explained that with young people, their lungs can work well and their oxygen level can be 100% but they could still have pneumonia or fluid in their lungs so I had some chest xrays. After he saw it he said that my lungs looked okay. There was a little fluid but not much. He also said that my colon is swollen or something and it is pressing against my lungs which is causing a lot of pain. But he didn't say anything else about that so we guess it's fine.
This was his advice. "lets watch this very closely because this could be the beginning of pneumonia so call me if you get worse." uhh thank you? I was really upset from all that. Really really upset. He did nothing for me.
I feel horrible. I'm weak, I have fever, my chest hurts, my throat hurts to the point that I really can't eat, and I still can't talk. I can whisper but it hurts a lot.
He said it could be caused by the new heart medicine and that my body might just take a while to get used to it. So we don't really know anything. We don't think it's the heart medicine though.
Last night I was up a lot because of my throat. Today I have done nothing but lay down and catch up on some tv shows. But it's not even fun to the watch tv because I feel terrible. My grandparents brought me a shake so I had that and it was really good!
The past 24 hours, I have sucked on cinnamon candy non stop to help my throat. I am probably getting addicted and I don't even care. I need it to survive.
Hopefully the next few days will be better and not worse.

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  1. Oh dear. I was hoping and praying you were doing well b/c you made it through the shopping trip. So still no voice? And still in pain? Still praying at the McCook house...