Wednesday, April 7, 2010

back in the hospital

Yesterday was a really really hard day. My heart started skipping beats again around 3 pm yesterday. Then the horrible chest pain started. I could take it for a while. Around 5 pm I was in tons of pain. I think I cried from then on until 1 or 2 am this morning. My parents gave me Loritab at 8 last night but that did nothing. We called the doctor again and he said if I wasn't better to go back to the hospital.
So my dad and I made our familiar trip to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 11 pm I think. I'm not sure exactly.
They took me to triage and then immediately took me back to my room. In Childrens the ER, they mostly have rooms separated by curtains. Last night they actually took me to a real room. They got me all hooked up and then the nurse who usually comes at the end of your stay to collect payment came in...we hadn't even seen the doctor yet. Several nurses kept coming in asking if we had seen the doctor yet. Apparently they got "busy" when I went to my room...but we saw no other people there. That's okay, we are used to waiting...once we waited as long as we could, we got mad. Not really mad, just frustrated mad.
Finally the doctor came. We explained everything and I think she got a little confused. Apparently she thought I needed an EKG and everything I got on Monday night. It was too late to tell her she was the nurse comes in with the EKG machine. Again. We just had this the night before. The nurse doing the EKG was nice but I don't think she knew what she was doing. After another hour of waiting the doctor comes in and says well I talked to the cardiologist and he said you can go come. Long pause of silence...."so do you need anything?" umm actually YES I do thanks for asking. I came here for pain medicine.
"oh okay well I'll get you some morphine. Well we will have to start an IV to put the morphine in. Is that okay?"
YES that is OKAY! That is the whole reason I am here!
Okay, I am really hard on doctors. I've had so much experience that I think I'm a doctor. I know doctors have a reason for everything they do but come on people.
The nice/inexperienced nurse came back in.
"Do you want me to use your port or put an IV in your arms?"
I said, "wherever it is easiest for you. It really doesn't matter to me."
"Okay I will be right back then."
Apparently she went to Narnia and had no concept of time.
Finally she reappears!
She looks for a vein and me being the doctor I am, tell her where they are. But she doesn't care to listen. She finally finds one but it's on the arm that she can't reach because the bed is against the wall. She puts my bed in the middle of the room and goes to get another nurse to help her. By this time I told my dad that they should just give me the IV stuff and I can do it myself.
He didn't think that would be a good idea...
Now 2 nurses come in! It was quite the party. The pumped my bed up as high as it would go. I'm still not sure why...
When they are putting the needle in they always say okay big stick coming get ready.
It's really not that bad...until she decides to push the needle in further while putting the morphine in! Goodness! did you know you are not supposed to do that? Obviously not.
They put the pain medicine in and were done! It was around 4 am by then.
We waited a while longer then the let me go home.
When they give you such strong pain medicine, they are supposed to give you nausea medicine before because it will make you really sick. Did they give any to me? No.
I didn't realize how nauseous I was until I got up. I almost didn't make it to the car. The car ride home was really bad. When I got home I took nausea medicine and it helped a little. I'm still really nauseous though.
So that is what has been going on. Thank you so much for the prayers.

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  1. You will think the pain of childbirth will be nothing compared to the pain you are going through now. Victoria - we pray for you daily!