Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everything is happening so fast.

Friday was my nana's surgery. It went well. I'm not really sure what happens next.
Here is the bad news. There are so many things that are happening so fast. Thursday I found out nana has cancer, Friday she had surgery. Yesterday we booked our flight to Nevada to see my Lyme doctor. When are we going? Oh in 8 days. You think I'm joking? No. Since the cardiologist appointment didn't go well we are going to Nevada to try different things. In 8 days. We will be gone for 2 weeks.
The good news. In 4 weeks my family and I are going to Brazil! I know your first thought is "are they CRAZY?" The answer is yes we are. Since my dad is in charge of missions at church, we get to go around the world visiting missionaries! We can't complain about that! This will be our 3rd time to Brazil. First we are going to Rio/Niteroi and we get to hang out with the Niteroi team! I used to take voice lessons in middle school and my voice teacher was Carrie Gotcher. A couple years ago they became part of a mission team to Niteroi. We are so excited to see them!!!
Then we are going to Iguazu Falls which is on the border of Brazil and Argentina. It is one of the biggest falls in the world. It looks amazing. Here is a picture!

Last we are going to Campinas. I have talked about the Duttons who were just here in January. They live in Campinas so we get to stay with them! It will be so great!
Last year we had a call from some missionaries in New Zealand. They are from Oklahoma, and during furlough last year, they got Lyme Disease. They didn't have symptoms until they were back in New Zealand. Somehow (obviously God) they talked to someone who knew that I had Lyme. The day after we got back from Nevada, they called us and begged for help. No one in New Zealand treats Lyme so they were on their own. They were so sick. We told them immediately to go to Nevada. They have gone a couple times in the past year. Well they will be at the clinic the same time we will! We haven't actually met but now we will get to!! Also, Robin Dutton (missionary in Brazil) will be in Nevada with us too! It is going to be a party! So we'll be with her for a week or two then be in Brazil a few weeks later!!
I get back from Nevada on Monday May 17th and leave for Brazil Friday May 21st.
This weekend I get to go on the youth retreat! I leave Friday and come back Sunday. Then I leave for Reno on Monday. It is going to be a crazy month with lots of challenges and adventures.

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