Friday, April 9, 2010

Heart update and father/daughter luau

We have talked to so many doctors the past couple days. I am having heart arrhythmia's which is not good. They told us that the problems I am having could be the rare side effects from medicines. 99.9% of people can tolerate every medicine. I am the 1% who has every side effect listed plus the rare serious ones. How did I get so lucky? Because of this, doctors are scared to put me on any pharmaceutical meds. I did start another beta blocker when I got out of the hospital Wednesday. The cardiologist and pain doctor talked and decided that I need to slowly wean off of my sleep medicine. The pain doctor really doesn't want me to get off of the sleep medicine because they know how bad it is if I don't take it. We'll see what happens.
My cardiologist has been talking to the on call cardiologist who worked with me in the hospital. They said that until we get the palpitations stopped, it is going to be painful. There is no way around that.
The main problem that we are trying to figure out is why is my heart not working properly. The pain doctor says it's from Lyme but the cardiologist won't say that for sure. They think there might be something else wrong. He has to rule out everything before he says it's Lyme. My doctor in Nevada says they need to figure out soon because this has been stretched out since October.
That is where we are right now. I'm not sure what is next. I've been really out of it from the nausea and meds. I'm so weak still and haven't been able to eat much.
Last night at church it was the father/daughter luau. I actually went! My mom did my hair and makeup since I'm ex hasted and weak. They had dinner which didn't go so well. I ate green beans and that is all. All the food made me more nauseous. But it was fun! We played games and just hung out.
I have been sleeping a lot lately. Monday and Tuesday night I was in the hospital which means I didn't sleep much. Hopefully I will get stronger soon and be able to eat again.
Here are some pictures from the luau!


  1. I know you did not feel great, but, you sure looked great. And that's way important! Hang in there sweetie. Luv ya always,

  2. You did look good! It looks like you had fun.