Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the hospital...

I will try to explain what happened last night. I'm still trying to process it and I don't understand it. We are really confused. I went to the Bible study at church last night! It was so good. I'll write about it later.
I got home around 9 and was watching tv with my family. All of a sudden, my heart started getting out of beat. At first it wasn't bad and it would happen then quit. I ignored it. Then it started happening more frequently and stronger. It felt like my heart was skipping beats and had no rhythm. My parents listened to my heart and we knew something was not right. Then it started getting painful and harder and wasn't stopping. I felt so weird. I was freaking out because I knew something was wrong. We called the emergency cardiologist and he said to go to the hospital immediately.
So we headed down to Childrens hospital. We checked in and within 5 minutes of getting there, 2 doctors came out to get me. Apparently the emergency cardiologist had called and told them I was coming. There was lots of people in the ER but they said I needed to get a room fast. They rushed me in triage and just quickly took my vitals and put the pulse ox on me. They used the phrase level 3 about me. They took me to my room and the EKG machine was waiting there. They got me hooked up really fast and once they saw what my heart was doing there were at least 6 doctors who were standing around me. I have never seen so many doctors rushing in to see me. It all happened so fast.
They watched the monitor for a few minutes and then they all left and sent the results to the emergency cardiologist. It was weird because at least two times they would announce over the ER speakers that cardiology was on the phone. So many doctors kept coming in and out of my room.
They hooked me up to another monitor. So I was being monitored on 2 heart monitors. Alarms went off on one of them because my heart rate was so high. I had 15 wires hooked up everywhere.
The cardiologist and the doctors in the ER kept talking several times on the phone. They wanted to do some blood tests so they came and took blood. They just monitored me for a while.
They felt comfortable sending me home so I got home sometime this morning.
This morning the cardiologist had already talked to my cardiologist and they agreed that I need to stop my heart medicine.
They also think I should stop my sleep medicine (Amitriptyine) because they think that might be causing problems too. The pain management at Childrens says the sleep medicine is not causing it. So all those doctors are talking to see what to do.
It has been a crazy hospital trip...it was really scary.
There have been so many different people calling us today. If it starts to happen again then I have to go back to the hospital.

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