Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny story about side effects and twins

A few weeks ago I had a HIDA scan done on my gallbladder. They inject radio active dye into your IV and watch it go through the liver and gallbladder with a machine. It tells them how the gallbladder is functioning. It was that test that told us that my gallbladder wasn't working well so I had to have it taken out. After the test we left the hospital and went to get something to eat because I had to stop eating at midnight the night before. As we were walking out of the hospital my eyes started doing weird things. My vision was blurry and I was seeing spots. We figured it was from the dye. So we go to the restaurant and order and sit by the door to wait for our food. While we were waiting, I saw 2 girls walk in who looked identical. I mean they could be the same person. They were older than me so I thought that it was my eyes playing tricks on me because twins older than me wouldn't dress alike and have their hair the same way right? I still couldn't see really well so I thought that there was only 1 person but I was seeing double vision. I started to freak out a little so I asked my dad if he was seeing twins that are dressed the same with the same hair. He said yes!!!! We both started laughing because on the day that I have weird side effects and my eyes are blurry, in walks identical twins making me think I'm going CRAZY! but they were really there! Hahaha it was pretty funny!

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