Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Day!

Yesterday I got to get out of the house and do some fun things!!!
Every Friday the youth group has what they call Senior Lunch. Since seniors can leave school for lunch, they all meet at a different restaurant every week with the youth ministers. It's awesome because seniors from several schools get to have lunch together! I hadn't been before since I've been so sick the past month. Well yesterday one of the youth ministers picked me up and I got to go to senior lunch! The high schools have two lunches and I have friends in both lunches so I got to be there for both groups!! I can't wait to go to senior lunch every week!
After lunch, I got to spend time with my grandma! She wanted to take me to get some new clothes for fall and winter! I honestly don't buy new clothes very much. Shopping just takes too much energy and I'd rather spend money on something else. I don't think I need new clothes because I have perfectly good clothes. But I do need new clothes every once in a while!
So we went to Maurices and then to Old Navy since they are right next to each other. I got a great coat from Old Navy that I can wear to church! From Maurices, I got 2 great sweaters that are so unique. We got a necklace and a couple of shirts to go with them. I'm ready for it to be cooler so that I can wear them!!
Of course we had to visit Starbucks for some iced tea! I got my grandma addicted to their iced tea. We had a great time and I'm so glad we got to go! It was a little challenging trying on clothes while trying to keep the pain minimal. You don't realize how much you use your stomach muscles! They are used for everything. We had a wonderful time though!
After shopping, I went home to rest. I was exhausted! Around dinner time one of my friends came to see me. We just talked until 10pm! Time went by so fast. It was so much fun!
As I've mentioned before, my youth group has a leadership team. The leadership team consists of smaller teams. Some of the teams are prayer, service, visitor, teaching, announcements, and things like that. The teams are supposed to be leaders who will get the youth group involved in different things. It's so neat to see people so devoted to serving Christ and people. At the beginning of every year we have a leadership team lock-in. The lock-in was last night.
Obviously I cannot be up doing things all night. I wasn't planning on going at all but at the last minute I decided to go. I was so sad that I couldn't stay the whole time, but I did go for a couple of hours! I got there around 10:30pm and came home at 12:30. I didn't go to sleep until 3am because I couldn't take my sleep medicine until I got home. I was also hurting a lot which kept me from sleeping.
Today I plan on resting and resting. I really want to be able to make it through church tomorrow! I'm definitely paying for all that I did yesterday but it was so much fun. It was the first time I had really gotten out of the house in over a month. It was so great! I'm still taking the pain medicine around the clock because the pain is still a big challenge. It's wonderful to be able to get out of the house even if it still hurts despite the pain medicine.

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  1. So glad you managed to get out & have such a good day! Hope you have many more like it!