Friday, September 24, 2010

I hate to admit it...

Hello, my name is Victoria and I'm obsessed with too many tv shows. Like Untold Stories of the ER. And Castle, and Biggest Loser, and Dancing With the Stars, and House, and 19 Kids and Counting, and NCIS, and The Office, and Glee, and Extreme Home Makeover, and Mystery Diagnosis, and The Middle, and Outsourced, and Say Yes to the Dress. And formal shows like Lost, American Idol, and 24.
Just to name a couple. I wouldn't name more than a couple cause that would be a little obsessive to actually make a list of what I watch. I definitely do not get stressed out when there are too many of my shows on at once and my tv can't record all of them. If that happend and I actually spent the day mapping out how I can turn on all the tvs in my house to a different show and run back and forth to watch all the shows at once, I might be a little too obsessed. But I would never do any of that, right? Wrong. I feel for the characters in those shows. It's ridiculous.
Do you know how stressed out I get when they can't figure out what the person on Mystery Diagnosis has?! Good grief, I'm over here researching for the person on tv who I know will have their case solved because every Mystery Diagnosis case is solved. But even though I know they will figure out what is wrong with person, those 49 minutes where they don't know is so stressful!
Is it even possible not to watch Extreme Home Makeover without crying your eyes out and wanting to change the world? Not that that's a bad thing!
Let's talk about Untold Stories Of the ER. How many of you have watched that? Have you even heard of that? None? Well it's probably good that you don't watch it. Trust me. It's so dramatic and I have no idea why I watch it. Could they be any more dramatic about a stubbed toe? And the patients that come in who just want pain medicine or attention? Wow. That's all I can say. They are so dramatic about everything. I think the show is like a soap opera. I've never watched one but I think Untold Stories of the ER is like that. It's hilarious actually.
Now we can talk about House. I just realized I'm talking about the medical shows...oh well! House is a great show! I love trying to figure out what's going on with the patient! But...every single time that someone has to have an MRI or CT scan or something like that, they crash while they are in the MRI tube. Every time. At least once on every episode someone will be getting an MRI and then something bad will happen to them while they are in there. Are the writers trying to scare people away from MRI machines or what? Cause anytime I go in for tests I always think about that.
It's a strange feeling to watch these medical shows for a couple of reasons...First of all, on all of these shows, they will shout that the patient has tachycardia and is coding and they need a crash cart. Then, they will shock them back to life. Umm I've lived with tachycardia for over 6 months and it's normal for me! That's a little weird and scary...
Second, they also call a code when the patients blood pressure is 85/60. Everyone rushes in and tries to save the patient from dying. Again, I managed to get out of bed, make myself lunch, and
get out of the house with a blood pressure sometimes lower with that and not think anything of it. That's just life with Lyme I guess!
Last night a new show came on called Outsourced. It was hilarious!! It's about this company that sells American novelties and they relocated to India. So the workers that they hired in India have to answer the phones and try to sell the novelties. The company has to try and explain why anyone would want to buy any of it! It is SO funny!!!
The Middle is one of the best shows I have ever seen! It is such a funny family show!! It comes on on Wednesday nights.
I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls and I'm on season 5. I started watching it a few days before my surgery which means I've watched a lot of it. I love having a show to watch constantly after surgery!
Why am I so into so many shows? That's what you do when you're sick! That's all you can do when you're sick! It's sad because I actually find myself thinking about the people in the medical shows, wondering if they are okay. Then I come back to earth and realize they are fine because they are actors.
Now you know what I struggle with...thanks for listening.

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  1. Way too many to count, but the # will decrease by the end of the semester. I start out all into TV, but then usually just stay loyal to a few shows. Last year it was Castle, and NCSI LA, CSI. I did watch a couple shows online, but only when I had time.
    This year I'm trying to watch everything to decide what is worth watching. This weekend I watched Hawaii-five o. It's pretty good, but it's on the same time as Castle. I am very LOYAL to my boy Castle!