Monday, September 27, 2010


Last week I did pretty well! I got to go to lunch with my friends on Wednesday and then to church that night! On Thursday, I got to go out to eat lunch with my grandparents which was very fun!! On Friday, I went to senior lunch and then to dinner with some friends! It was so much fun to be able to do some normal things!!
Everything was going pretty well until Friday evening. My abdomen started hurt a lot more than normal and I was a little nauseous. So I came home and just rested. On Saturday morning I went to my brothers last football game! We went out to eat after that. On the way to the restaurant I got nauseous again and had more abdominal pain. I tried to ignore it. As we got our food, I just began to feel horrible. All of the sudden I started getting horrible abdominal cramps and almost got sick. Like bending over almost screaming abdominal cramps. My mom went to sit in the car with me while my dad and brother finished up. The pain let up a little on the way home and I took some nausea medicine. As soon as I got home I rushed to take a bath to see if that would help. Through out the day I keep getting sick. I'll spare you the details but I was sick in more way than one. And it was bad.
On Saturday night I had decided that I would sleep in and not go to morning church but just go to the evening worship because the youth group was doing something special.
As I mentioned before the youth group is doing something called Mission 127. It's an opportunity to get out in the community and share the love of Christ. Sunday night, there were tables around the youth room to sign up for different service opportunities. I'm overseeing one of the mission opportunities so I was supposed to stand at my table and give out information.
Well I got up Sunday and took a shower and decided that there was no way that I could go to church or do anything. I was so devastated. I know the youth group can go on without me, but once again I had to let people down because I was so sick.
Yesterday I was not able to take my pain medicine because the nausea was so bad. Pain medicine makes you nauseous anyway so I was really scared to take it. I was on two different kinds of nausea medicine but I was still sick all day. The abdominal pain was so bad but we couldn't do anything about it because of the nausea. It was horrible. I only had had a little to eat yesterday and almost nothing to drink because I was too sick. So we called the on-call surgeon and he told me I could take the nausea medicine more often than I was. But we found that out at 10pm so it didn't really do much for us.
Today I feel about the same. I feel exhausted and just a general sick feeling. The medicines are making me very out of it.
Today I had another post op appointment with the surgeon. The good news is that the problems I am having aren't from any complications from the surgery. That was ruled out with blood work! So that's good. But he doesn't know what exactly is going on. He knows it's not just a virus. Because of something that happened this weekend, he wants me to see a GI doctor asap. They are supposed to set up an appointment in the next couple of days. If they don't call us in the next 2 days, we are supposed to call the surgeon. I love that about him. He doesn't want any messing around. He just wants things done fast!
The surgeon gave me more nausea medicine and told me that I can actually take double of what I've been taking. So tonight that has helped some and I even ate a little! I have another appointment to see the surgeon next Monday. He did say the incisions are looking great!
I had made it this far without having to see a GI doctor but apparently I signed up to see every kind of doctor there is in the world. Please pray that they figure out what is causing all these problems. I'm very tired of seeing new doctors and having more tests. But if it will help, then I'm all for it.

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