Monday, September 6, 2010

I spent my weekend building a ziggurat

Jealous? I thought so! My brother has several projects due next week so we decided to do one! Of course he picked the hands on projects from the list so we had to build a ziggurat. They went to Hobby Lobby (what would we do without that place?) and got the supplies and we started building a ziggurat. Thank goodness for the internet pictures to help us, because I don't know if you've noticed but there aren't too many ziggurats here in Oklahoma to model ours after. We cut and put together styrofoam (who knew that's how you spell styrofoam. I didn't...). Then, we created lines to look like blocks. Next, we painted it and who knew that painted styrofoam actually can look like mud! Amazing! Then we added details and finally finished today! I have to say it looks pretty amazing! So, whenever if you ever need to build a ziggurat in your life, you can call us to help! Business is pretty busy though so you might want to call several years in advance. Probably 3.2 years in advance. Thanks for understanding.

Last Friday I walked down the street! That was pretty exciting!! Then, I got to go for a car ride with my mom!
I'm doing well! Last week I started sleeping upstairs again but this weekend I moved back downstairs because I was having some bad nausea problems. I think tonight I'm going to try to sleep upstairs again! I still haven't gone anywhere but I have an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday! I'm excited to get to go somewhere and see what he says!! I still have tape over 3 of my 4 incisions but it is beginning to come off! It's weird because the stitches are poking through on a couple of the incisions. The stitches are inside but for some reason are coming through! It's very odd!!
This is my dog Tucker! I don't think I've ever put pictures of him on here before so here you go! He loves to think that he owns the world but we all know that it's only a dream of his.

Here is my card board testimony that I talked about in one of my posts!
This is the front...

And this is the back!
Last week there were several beautiful sunsets! This one had such vibrant colors!! I didn't edit this picture at all.

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