Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brazil part 1 Getting to Brazil

What a great trip! We got to see so much while we were there! I have about 533 million pictures and stories so get ready!

We left from OKC on Tuesday, June 15 at 2:30. We went to the airport around 10 to check in and drop off our luggage since it was an international flight then we left and went to eat at Zio's with my grandparents. Usually international check-ins take forever but this was the easiest check-in we've ever had. We also got there early to change our seats on the overnight flight because since I was in a wheelchair, my mom and I got the seats at the front of each section that have more room! We got my dad and brother moved up by us. On the overnight planes there is first class then a little section of coach seats with 5 rows then the main cabin. We got in the section with 5 rows and it was so nice!

So after we ate lunch my grandparents dropped us off at the airport and we got my wheelchair. While traveling, being in a wheelchair is luxurious. You have an airport person pushing you and you don't have to wait in any lines.

Most of my medicines can't go through the x-rays at security so we have a letter in English and Portuguese. Sometimes that causes a problem with the security people. But we got through security pretty fast! We got to our gate and pretty soon after we boarded. Another plus of being in a wheelchair is that you get to board the plane before anyone else! Everyone else got on and it was a quick 30 minute flight to Dallas.

In Dallas, we had a couple hour layover so we decided to eat some chips and salsa as a snack since we didn't know when we would get to eat again. While we were waiting to board to Miami, there were several people getting on our flight that were going to Brazil also! It was weird that there were so many people going there too!

The flight from Dallas to Miami was about 3 hours. We didn't realize it would be that long! The night before we left I had used a new lotion on my face and apparently my face did not like it because the whole flight to Miami my face felt like it was on fire. Nothing I did helped it. It was not a good start to the trip. Once in Miami, we tried to find some food but that airport really doesn't have very many options at we just hung out at the gate. There were at least 3 gates around ours that were all going to Brazil and were leaving within an hour of each other. I've never seen so many international flights going at once to the same country!

We got on the plane first and got settled. People started getting on and getting ready for the night. We left at midnight Miami time! An hour or so after takeoff they served dinner. The choices were lasagna or chicken. I got lasagna and it wasn't horrible. They served salad, rolls, and a desert. After everyone ate they turned off the lights and started the movie. I think the movie was Tooth Fairy but I didn't really watch it.

A few minutes later I had a major problem. I had had a lot of water and dr pepper. I'm only 2 hours into the flight and I have to go to the death trap that sucks you out of the plane bathroom. So I debated for a while as to if I should go or not. I finally got the courage to go to the airplane bathroom. I didn't get sucked out or anything, luckily. It was close though.

The flight was uneventful because every person on the earth was asleep while I was not. Maybe chugging dr pepper like it was going out of style was not the best idea for sleep. Actually it was going out of style because Brazil doesn't have it...

Anyway, the flight attendants on this flight were very grumpy. No idea why but they were not fun to be around!

Around 7:30am they served breakfast. Again, such grumpy flight attendants. We watched the sunrise and finally landed in Rio de Janeiro at 9:30am Rio time. Once off the plane, we got our bags and went through customs. We were finally in Brazil!!

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  1. Our flight attendants weren't too cheery either. Hmm...