Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brazil part 4... Day 3

The USA played in the World Cup that morning so we got together with the team at Brent and Jill's apartment to watch it! We had a delicious breakfast since the game was at 11am with a mix of Brazilian and American food. The girls ate on the balcony overlooking the beach and and Rio and the weather was perfect. We had so much fun cheering for the US!

This is Jonah who's name for the day was fox. We didn't know his real name for a long time because he said it was only fox. He was hilarious! He ate enough mangos that morning for the whole state of Brazil.

After the game, Wes and Carrie took us to an amazing beach! We took their car since it was a little ways away. The beach is between two cliffs which makes it so pretty! The waves were huge that day so we couldn't swim. These pictures are in backwards order...

Sun setting

There was a sign that said don't get in the water but of course surfers did and they got stuck out there. A life guard went in but they all kept being swept farther and farther out. Another life guard went in and got stuck and then a helicopter finally came and rescued them. It was intense to watch!

Carrie and I

That night we went to a charascaria (Brazilian Steakhouse) with Wes and Carrie. It was spectacular! You each have a card that says something like yes or no and the second you flip your card to yes, people swarm you with skewers of different meats. It is SO good!! For desert we had fried bananas with chocolate.

It was a really great day!

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