Sunday, July 11, 2010

Numbness and another ER trip

Here is a quick medical update...there have been some weird things going on.
Late Wednesday night at camp all of the sudden my arms and legs went numb and tingled and I started shaking like crazy. I got so hot and felt like I was going to pass out. I really don't remember what all happened after that but I know they were fixing to take me to the hospital but I convinced them not to take me. I knew the doctors wouldn't be able to do anything because it was Lyme related. We had to sit there until I thought I could get up. I needed help walking that night. That was really scary and frustrating. Thursday it was really hard and painful to walk and my legs were still numb. On Friday, it still hurt to walk but it was a little easier. Today, my right leg is still a little numb but it's not too bad. I can walk much better now. So we don't know what is going on with that.
Yesterday I woke up and it felt like there was something stuck in my chest. I couldn't breathe so I did a couple breathing treatments throughout the day. They really didn't help. At dinner when I swallowed my chest hurt so badly. I ate most of my dinner but it just hurt too much to finish it.
This morning I woke and up and got ready for church. I woke up all sweaty and really didn't feel good. I took a bite of breakfast and swallowed and had the worst pain in my chest and the food almost came back up. My chest felt so tight. I tried to drink something but that was almost unbearable too. So my parents decided to take me to the ER.
So we headed to the hospital and I was taken back pretty quickly. They took some chest x-rays. Then the nurse came in with this cocktail and told me to chug it. She warned me that it was to numb my throat but I had no idea what that meant! It was the weirdest thing. As soon as the medicine coated my mouth and throat it was numb. I thought it would just numb part of my throat but it went all the way down which didn't feel good. It was so hard to swallow but the pain was gone! The medicine lasted for about 20 minutes then wore off. That cocktail made me so tired and out of it for a few hours after! The doctor came back in and said that my esophagus is eroded or something so they gave me medicine to take for that. I've never had any problems like this before!
I was discharged just in time to make it to the last 20 minutes of worship! Today is Mission's Sunday at church where we raise money for missionaries and works around the world. I was so angry that I had to miss most of it. I'm staying home from evening worship tonight which I'm bummed about too. But I know I need to rest.
That is the quick version of the story!

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