Monday, July 12, 2010

Brazil part 8...Day 7 Iguazu Falls

We went to breakfast at the hotel before going to the falls! It was such a great buffet!

Look at this room!!

At the hotel, you can go into a little tower above everything

The fire place room

These animals were everywhere! They are like raccoons but not.

Instead of saying don't climb over the rails it says don't overtake the banisters...hahaha

Here are the falls...they go on for miles and miles.

When you stand on that walkway you get soaked! It was chilly but you can feel the warmth from the energy coming over the falls!! It made me feel SO good!
Behind the walk way is the start of the falls and it's called the devils throat. You can't even see it because of the mist from the power of the water

I've never seen so many rainbows!

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