Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil part 3... Day 2

Thursday morning Brent and Jill Nichols came to our apartment to take us around the city! They brought each of us very thoughtful gifts. I got this very pretty fan, my mom got an awesome umbrella with scenes of Rio on it, my brother got this nice Brazil hat thing, and my dad? He got a speedo. Yes, a Brazilian speedo. Haha Brent and Jill always come up with great gifts! Landon decided to dress up in a few of the presents...

Mom, me, and Jill

We walked and took a bus to downtown Niteroi where there are lots of tents set up with things to buy. Landon got a soccer jersey! It was really fun to see the downtown area with them! I got some bracelets and things that like! Brent, Landon, and my dad went through the fish and meat market while the girls shopped because we really had no interest in seeing or smelling that...

After we went downtown, we went back to the area of our hotel and ate lunch and a great restaurant! Kilos are very popular in Brazil. A Kilo is a buffet where you get whatever you want and then they weigh your plate so you just pay for what's on your plate! They are so good!!

Once we finished lunch we went back to our apartment to meet Wes. Then Wes took us to a military fort that protects the bay! It was a little bit of a drive and we went through old fishing towns! The fort is still in use but you can take tours of parts of it. I'm so glad Wes took us there because it was really neat to see!

Part of the fort

This clock tells the time by where the sun is!

The fort had great views of Rio!

The church at the fort. One of the oldest churches.

Here are all the cannons. They said that every part of the bay can be covered by cannons.

Landon, Wes, and I in a jail cell...

We were there at sunset! Here is the sunset over Rio

The fort

After we went to the fort, Brent and Jill picked us up again and went to the mall to get some Brazilian flip flops, Havaianas. They are the most comfortable flip flops I've ever worn!!!

Then we went to dinner by their apartment on the beach! Brazilians don't eat dinner until 9 or later. So we ate at 9:30 and hung out for a while! Across the bay, Rio was so pretty at night. We stayed out until 11:30 or so and had so much fun with Brent and Jill!

It was a very good day!!


  1. LOL that they bought your dad a Speedo...and BTW, the picture of Landon wearing it is the ONLY time I ever want to see it on anyone! Those things are just wrong.

  2. First picture...awesome Landon.