Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brazil part 5...Day 4

We woke up and had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to Rio. They arranged a van to take us around for the day! We drove over the bridge to Rio and went to the Christ statue!

We learned that Rio is one of the biggest ports in the world. There were tons of ports that looked like scenes from the show 24... We were waiting for Jack Bauer to pop out and dominate everyone.

While driving on the bridge across the bay we saw was a little creepy and reminded us of Pirates of the Caribbean!

This is out of order but this is from the Christ Statue. This is the beach in Niteroi that we stayed by.

To get to the top of the Christ statue you usually take a train. But because of flooding they had had, the train had slid off the mountain and wasn't fixed so we took vans up there. It's really neat because there are lots of little villages all up the mountain that you pass through!

On one of the vans we were on, half of the people spoke english so the driver was talking in english a lot. He was kinda weird and told us to take a picture with him and find him on facebook....uhhh no thanks!

Going up the mountain

At the top!

I love the bird at the top of this picture

I had been here 2 times before and I've never noticed the heart on the statue...

Copacabana beach!

Sugar Loaf!

After being in Rio for a while we went back to Niteroi and watched some guys from the team play volleyball. There was also a football game going on! An american style football game! One of the guys from the team played on that too! And several of the guys on the football team have come to church!

We ate dinner with Brent and Jill at a Kilo restaurant and then went to Wes and Carrie's apartment!

We watched the sunset on the beach!

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