Monday, July 12, 2010

Brazil part 9...Day 8 Iguazu Falls

On Wednesday we went to Argentina to see that side of the falls. We took a taxi and it took about an hour from our hotel because of border control. It's funny because from our hotel room we could see Argentina but it took an hour to get over there! Once on the Argentinean side, we took a little train to the trails. There are so many different trails to go on!

Here are the awesome wheelchairs!

The first trail we wanted to go on was where you stand on top of the Devil's throat. To get there, you walk on a mile of bridges over the swamps and rivers. You are really in the middle of no where!

Try and find the grammar error...

When you finally make it to the devil's throat, this is what you first see.

Argentina flag

Then you can walk RIGHT over the edge. You can't even see the bottom because of the force of the water. It's a little scary!! But amazing.

Looking straight down..

That's what our hotel looks like from Argentina. You can't tell but it's up really high!

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