Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission's Sunday! and a few random things

Last Sunday was Mission's Sunday at church. I've heard that it was a great time of worship! It is always one of my favorite days at church. We raise a big contribution for mission work around the world and this year we exceeded our goal! On Mission's Sunday we have one big worship in the morning, lunch at church after, church at night where the amount is announced, and dessert before dinner after church! During the morning service, there is always special videos about the mission work going on, and we bring in missionaries or have them on Skype! It is always such a wonderful day! Sadly, I was in the hospital and missed almost everything. I got to be there for the last 20 minutes of the morning service. I didn't get to go to the evening worship because I was a little drugged and worn out from the hospital. I probably shouldn't have gone straight from the hospital to church either, but I really wanted to be there!
My friends and I matched that day and didn't even plan it! It was very strange! Of course we had to take a picture!! I was so glad I got to see them, even if I was a little drugged coming straight from the hospital...
Me, Alex, Miriam, and Kailey!

Tomorrow, the 11th and 12th grades from church are leaving for Memphis, Tennessee for their mission trip. I was planning on going but I just decided yesterday that I can't do that. I have had a bad few days and I don't feel well at all. I really need to do IVs to help with the pain and everything, but of course walgreens option care is closed on the weekends and won't deliver my supplies. Uhh hello, don't you understand that diseases DON'T take the weekend off?! So I've taken about 532 baths today to help with the pain and feverish feeling. It is not very fun. Almost all my friends are going on the mission trip and they will be gone for a really stinks not being able to go. But I can't, so I will just have an IV party all week without them!

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  1. Hey, IV parties can be fun. :)
    I hope you are feeling better.