Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brazil part 6...Day 5

Sunday morning we walked to the church for worship! Worship was so great! There were about 60 people there!!

This is a guy we met at church who plays on the football team we watched! He did a foreign exchanged program to Ohio so he spoke good English! He was so nice and sat with us!

This is Ester! I met her at the English class we went to and we've been able to keep in touch! She is so sweet :) She and her sister and parents have started coming to church!!!!

Us with Brent and Jill!

Us with Wes and Carrie!

The auditorium!

We went to another Kilo after church and then walked through the city park!

The Brazil played in the World Cup that day so we all bought jerseys in the stands at the park

This is from the roof of our hotel

Julia, Landon, and I in our jerseys

We met with some of the team and another family who was down there in our hotel breakfast room that has a big tv! The people who work at the hotel are so sweet and they watched it with us and made us all popcorn! It was great!

It was so cool to be there for a game because it is like nothing I've ever seen! EVERYTHING closes for the game. Schools, works, shops, gas stations. It's so weird to experience! During the game, the city was silent and no one was in the streets. It's a huge city and to hear it without noise was kinda eerie. But when Brazil scored, it was INCREDIBLY loud! There were horns, firecrackers, and even confetti coming from apartment buildings. I LOVED how everyone was so supportive! The streets are decorated with streamers, and everywhere you go there is decoration. I loved it!!!!

During half time we walked down the beach to see what was going on down there

Sunday night after the game, we spend time with some of the team since it was our last night in Niteroi. We went to this amazing restaurant by a beach with Wes and Carrie, Brent and Jill, and Zane and April! We had so much fun that night.

Here is Landon with Brent and Wes

After dinner we walked down the street to an ice cream place. It had 60 flavors! Some of the strange flavors were corn and cheese....I got passionfruit and some other fruits! It was AMAZING.

Here we are outside of the ice cream place. Brent and Jill said that one night they were sitting at that ice cream place and a horse walks up then walks back down the street. We were crying from laughing so hard! That was one of my favorite nights there!

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