Monday, July 12, 2010

Brazil part 10...Day 9 Iguazu Falls

Here are some pictures of our hotel. We ate breakfast Thursday morning and walked around the falls one more time before going to the airport that afternoon.

This is the tower you can climb at our hotel

The falls and rainbows were unbelievable that morning.

Right across from the picture above, there was this plaque in the wall. It says
"Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea— the LORD on high is mighty." Psalm 93:4
"God is always greater than all of our problems."

We were speechless when we saw that plaque

Iguazu Falls was one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been.
"Life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away"
That afternoon we left Iguazu and flew to Campinas! We had a layover in Curitiba. Allen Dutton picked us up at the airport at 9:30pm and we drove to their house! We said hi Tyler and Laura and then they went to bed because they had school the next morning. We talked with Allen and Robin and ate ridiculously good chocolate cake! Then we all went to bed kinda late!

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