Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camp Pettijohn- InTEXTicated

Camp was amazing. One of the best weeks of my life! The theme this year was inTEXTicated, meaning fully engaged in the text of the Bible, God's words. It was about getting back to reading our Bible, not just for information, but for transformation. I can honestly say that this week every single person's life has been changed. It was the best camp session I have ever been to. And you know how people get a "spiritual high" after camp and then it fades away? I really think that people will be forever changed by what God did this week.
We had Bible classes everyday. Each day in one of the classes, we learned different ways to study the Bible. They were practical things that we could actually do and we practiced them. They were learning how to use our concordance, summarizing sections to help us get something out of it that we can do, and meditating on a passage and looking for a word or phrase that God is telling us in that passage. We could read the same passage everyday and get something different out of it because the word of God is living. He shows us things that we need to know RIGHT then that applies to what is going on.
"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12a

We also learned about how we know the Bible is true. It was really interesting! We made shirts that had where verses are found and then a picture or symbol by them to help us remember what verse that is.

At camp we are broken into "families". Each day we have two family times. In the morning family time, we are read a Bible story and then we retold it different ways each day. We started at the beginning of the Bible and worked through the stories. I really like doing that!
Here is what we did each day...
We met at the flag pole at 8am for a devotional led by the guys of each family. Then we went to breakfast. To go to each meal, they dismiss you by asking you to do something or "if you.."questions. People would sing songs to be able to leave or you could leave on things like "if you haven't showered all week". It is hilarious to watch people do things or see who leaves on what question!
After breakfast was cabin clean up and then Bible class!
Family time was after that and that is when we retold the Bible studies! We also had quiet time during that family time.
Next was sports. I did not play sports so I sat with the nurse and watched! I liked sports time because I got to relax!
After sports we met for silly songs and cabin cleanup scores and then we were dismissed to lunch!
Once we were done with lunch, we had a little over an hour for rest time. This was the BEST idea anyone has ever had. Most people took naps and it was fantastic! Haha definitely everyones favorite time.
We then had 2 Bible classes where we made the shirts and memorized verses and the other class was ways to study the Bible.
Next was sports number 2! Again I hung out and rested!
Then it was free time! Free time was 3:45-6:15. Girls swim time was 4-5 and guys swim time was 5-6. During free time, canteen was open where you could get drinks and snacks.
After free time we met together and then went to dinner.
Every night after dinner we would have a big activity!
Sunday night was a Summer Singers concert (music group from Oklahoma Christian)
Monday- Family Olympics. With your family, you had to complete different tasks. There were gross food eating contests, making an ice cream sundae, diving for things in the pool, and things like that!
Tuesday- We watched the movie To Save A Life. Every teen and person older than that should see this movie.
Wednesday- Capture the flag. This is like no other capture the flag you will ever play. There are 8 families and each family has a color for capture the flag so all week people trade clothes to get the perfect outfit of the color your team is. The field we play on is huge so each team has an area where their flag is and that is where they start. You get out of the game by being hit by a wet sock. During the game, battle music from Pirates of the Caribbean or some other movie is played. It is so intense! I didn't play because obviously you have to run around the huge field. Thankfully it is so fun to watch! You see clusters of colors and then when the game starts, they start charging at other teams and making alliances with teams. It is SO much fun! I can't even tell you how big of a deal it is and how intense it is. We played 2 or 3 games and the last game was revolutionary war style. That was fun to watch!!
Thursday- There were supposed to be inflatable things like obstacle courses but it rained all day so they got cancelled.
After the activities we went to canteen again!
Then we had our nightly time of worship and a lesson around 10 and then family time to talk about anything on our hearts.
The last thing of the night is when we all meet in the field under the stars and stand in a circle and sing songs led by anyone.
We always close with the song When the Night is Falling.
"When the night is falling
And the day is done,
I can hear you calling, "Come."
And I will come
While you sing over me.
When the night surrounds me,
All my dreams undone,
I can hear you calling, "Come."
And I will come
While you sing over me.
When the night would hide my way,
I will listen until
I hear you say:
"How I love you, child, I love you.
How I love you, child, I love you.
How I love you!
"How I love you, child, I love you.
How I love you, child, I love you.
How I love you!"
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
How I love you, Lord, I love you.
How I love you, Lord, I love you.
How I love you!
When this life is over
And the race is done,
I will hear you calling, "Come."
I will come
While you sing over me."
Here is a picture of me, Alex, Miriam, and Kailey!
I'm writing another post about what happened Wednesday and Thursday night at camp. God worked in amazing ways.

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