Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brazil part 13...Day 13 and 14 Going home!

On Monday we had breakfast and lunch at the Dutton's and then at 5:30pm a van came to pick us up to take us to the airport. We flew out of Sao Paulo which is an hour drive from Campinas. We said goodbye and started the journey home. The Sao Paulo airport was insane. We got there around 6:30 or 7 and check-in and customs took forever. We got to the gate with only an hour before we boarded.
Finally we started the long plane ride to Miami.
I forgot to put this picture on another post but this is from one of our flights inside Brazil. I love walking out to the plane and having a red carpet!
Side note...remember my fear of airplane bathrooms and getting sucked out? I went on the Brazilian airplanes and I was scared to death. There was no way around it so I had to go to the death trap on a foreign country airplane. Thankfully I am still here today. It was a close one but I managed to not get sucked out. Thanks for your prayers.

On the overnight flight home, we got to see the prettiest sunrise. It was gorgeous!!

We landed in Miami at 6 am I think and had to walk back to Brazil to get to customs. Good grief could they have made customs farther away from the gate? I don't think so. We saw the American citizens sign and ran towards it screaming. Just kidding. We walked. First goal after arriving in the USA was finding a Dr. Pepper. Well guess what? Apparently Miami is not part of the United States because Dr. Pepper is like a word in a different language.
"I want a Dr. Pepper please"
"No. Dr. Pepper."
"No...Ok fine coke"
We had a four hour layover in Miami which was just delightful! Not. It would have been fine if they had Dr. Pepper...
We survived the 2 and a half hour flight to Dallas and GOT SOME DR. PEPPER!!!!
We then had a little layover in Dallas where I had Mc Donald's for lunch! It's never tasted so good.
Finally after the quick 30 minute flight (with Dr. Pepper) we landed in OKC and were HOME! It was such a great trip but we were so glad to be home. Thanks for your prayers for the trip!

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