Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday celebrations- Surprise party and more!

I had such a great weekend!! I went out to eat my parents and brother on Friday night! Then, I was going to go to the lock in, and they were going to Landon's basketball game. The lock in started at 10 pm, so my friends picked me up. We got there and had worship and a lesson on praying. After that, the games started. They had huge nerf gun wars, and it was intense! My friends and I just walked around and watched everyone (we didn't want to play and embarrass everyone since we're so good you know ;) ). It was getting close to midnight, which was my scheduled prayer time. Before I went into the prayer room, my friends and I counted down until midnight and they started screaming and yelling happy birthday! It was so much fun! So after that, I went into the prayer room. I assumed everyone would keep playing games for a few more hours. I was only scheduled to be in the prayer room for 20 minutes. Of course you can stay longer though.

Apparently, right when I went into the prayer room, my family got to church, everyone ran into the high school room, and threw balloons and streamers everywhere. One of the youth ministers and interns kept coming in the prayer room and looking around, which I thought was weird. I guess they had to make sure I didn't leave or something. I also noticed that it had gotten quiet in the halls outside of the prayer room. That was odd, but I didn't think anything of it. So as our prayer time was almost over, Megan (one of the youth ministers) told everyone they had to leave the prayer room and go to the high school room to explain a game. Ok that was weird! They have never gotten people out of the prayer room for a "game". I knew something was going on, but I had no idea what.

Megan pulled me aside and asked me all these questions, trying to stall. That wasn't weird cause she's very good at asking how I am :)

We started walking to the high school room, and it was dark in there and quiet. The youth group is never quiet. I opened the door and they turned on the lights and yelled surprise! They dumped balloons on me and everything!! Then they took me on stage to play "Victoria trivia". The winner got the 2nd piece of cake. Well the game was tricky because I had to give the correct answer. You think that would be easy, but it wasn't. For example, the first question was what is her favorite color? I don't have a favorite color and it was multiple choice (my mom made the questions and answers!) so I just picked a color. It was really funny that I couldn't even answer questions about myself!

After the game, everyone got cake and got back to playing games! My cake was a white, tall circle with real roses and flowers. It was gorgeous! It was chocolate and vanilla with strawberries and cream separating the layers. The whole cake was gone within minutes! I didn't have any because I was feeling sick, but thankfully my parents got one for Saturday at home. My family hung out for a while and then back home. It was probably 1:45 before they went home. Way past their bedtimes! Those rebels. I'm so glad they came!

This was the room after the surprise party. I'm told people video taped when I came in, so I need to get those!
I wanted to stay for a special worship and prayer time which was at 2 am. That ended around 3 am I think, and then my friends took me home. I got home and wasn't feeling good and immediately threw up. I went to sleep at 4, but didn't sleep well at all. I got out of bed at 10 am, and got sick again. I felt like I got beaten up. My whole body hurt down to my bones. That's what I get for getting home at 3 am! I took some medicine to be able to make it through the day.

My friends were coming over at 3:45 and we were going to go eat an early dinner, and then hang out at my house. I rested and got ready until they got to my house. We took pictures, and then went to eat! We had really cute waiters at dinner that sang to me. Dinner was so much fun!!

We then came back home to have cake and hang out. We spent our time wisely, playing Mad Libs and watching Youtube videos. I haven't laughed that much in so long! It was great!! Here are some pictures.

Me and Natalie

Kailey and I

Me and Hannah

The whole group!

Hannah, me, Natalie, Alex

This was my cake! Isn't it gorgeous?

It was a wonderful weekend! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and birthday wishes. And thank you to everyone who helped with my surprise party! I have the best friends and family. I am so blessed.


  1. Wow, awesome surprise party! And what an amazing cake!

    I'm glad you got to have a good night at the lock in, sorry you weren't feeling well after though.

    What a beautiful group of friends (you included) - you all look so happy! x x x

  2. Happy Birthday!
    You don't know me but you know about my daughter. I just wanted to say thank you for reading about her (Leah Grace who is waiting on a new heart) and thank you for praying for her. You are such a beautiful young lady and I thank God for the beauty on the inside most of all:O)
    May God bless and heal you my sweet friend and sister in Christ:O)
    Katie Parker