Friday, March 25, 2011

More Lake Tahoe pictures!

Today has been a good day mostly. We got to the clinic early since it is Friday. I got fluids with adrenal support, and Vitamin C for the virus I have. My cough is deeper and worse today, which makes my stomach and chest hurt so much more than they already do! At the clinic I had to have 3 doses of pain and nausea medicine (Demerol and Phenergan). My stomach felt like it was having a spasm, so they gave me a natural pain medicine, which made the pain worse so I ended up just getting the regular pain medicine. After my IVs, I had another lymphatic massage. It went well. We only did it for an hour this time, to try and ease into it. When I threw up after the treatment on Tuesday and Wednesday, she said that is a good thing because it was a fast way to get rid of toxins. So it's good that I feel horrible and throw up all night? Yep. Well, if it is good then I guess I can't complain.

They are thinking that I have a kidney or bladder infection because of some things they found, so they sent my urine off for a culture. There could also be a kidney stone that is hiding from the CT scans. Hopefully the MRI Monday will tell more!

I'm feeling okay tonight. The pain started getting worse after my lymphatic treatment, so I took some medicine and that has kept it down a little. I took a bath, and am going to get in bed early.

Tomorrow we are going to try and go snow tubing with Grayson and his mom! It will be so much fun! We could go to the clinic tomorrow morning, but both of us need a 2 day break to survive the week.

On Sunday, the missionaries from our church who live in Brazil are getting here! I've talked about them on here before, and they were at the clinic last year when were here too. So this is the second time we will be at the clinic with them. We have so much fun with them!!

Here are more pictures from this weekend. On Sunday, it was snowing so much!

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, that snow is amazing! So weird because it's been really sunny here all this week!

    What is snow tubing? Hope you guys have an amazing time whatever it is! xxx

  2. I hope you are able to snow tube with no pain at all! Love the snowy pictures!