Friday, March 4, 2011

Claustrophobic Girl + Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Yesterday I went for my first hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment. It was very interesting! It's called "diving" because the pressure is like going 12 feet underwater. You have to ease in to get to full pressure, then ease out. 

Here is what the whole chamber looks like. You can see me in the window. And yes, I am claustrophobic. Was I terrified? Yes. 

You crawl in and then it zips up twice. Once inside, you put on an oxygen mask. They start the pressure and oxygen in the chamber slowly. The doctor sat right by the window so I could tell him if I was okay. As the pressure changed, my ears popped and my head hurt. It's a weird feeling! You really can't describe what it's like unless you experience it. Once at full pressure, the chamber is getting 100% oxygen. Oxygen helps heal, kill bacteria, helps pain, and so many great things. In there, I could tell that something was different. The air felt different than normal. I did take an anxiety pill before I went because I knew it would be scary in there. It was very loud, and the people outside were muted. I could hear them, but not really understand them. It reminded me of when you come out of surgery. You start waking up and you hear all these people talking, but you can't understand them and it seems quieter because you're still drugged up. That's what it seemed like to me!

Here's a picture of me in the chamber. These pictures aren't very good because of the reflection.

Here is the zipper where you crawl into the chamber.

I was doing good at the beginning. I didn't feel claustrophobic. But as time went on, the more panicked I got. I was in there for a little over an hour. He would like for me to do 90 minute sessions. I'm a little nervous about that since I could barely do an hour. I was freaking out at the end. But everything was fine.

I don't feel any different after the treatment. He said it could take several times before I see improvement. We're just trying to get me stable enough to fly to Nevada. Once I get back from Nevada, I'll most likely do more of these treatments. 

Last night right after my treatment I went to see Spring Sing at Oklahoma Christian University, which is a show done by the clubs. I had to hurry home and change before the show. I literally had less than 5 minutes at home, and I was still late to the show. I was at the doctor's office for over 3 hours just talking with the doctor, and doing the treatment. Today I've been able to hang out with my friends all day because some of them were out of school. It was really good to be able to hang out with them before I leave! 

I will update again before I leave for Nevada on Tuesday. While I'm there, I will post pictures and updates hopefully everyday. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Just looking at that makes my chest hurt. I dont know how you do it. What a strong girl you are. I barely made it through my MRI. Praying for healing.

    Be blessed

  2. Echoing Ashlee's words. You are so strong. Keep fighting Victoria! x x x x

  3. Hello vicky, I would love to know how you doing with the HBO. You will get better with this honey, I don't like to see you going through all that pain.

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