Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday update

I still have pictures from last weekend to post, but here's an update on me.

Monday was a crazy day. Sunday night, after I took the morphine, I started having bad muscle twitches and the pain got worse. My whole body would twitch. Monday morning, I didn't take the morphine because of the reaction, so I was hurting so much by the time we got to the clinic. They started my IV, and then it was time for my dad and brother to go to the airport. We said goodbye, and my mom took them to the airport to fly back home to Oklahoma. The pain started getting worse so fast. I lost it, and was trying not to scream. I had to have the trash can because I felt like I was going to be sick. They had to give me double doses of Demerol and Phenergan. It was terrible. My doctor thinks that the cyst burst then, because it was so bad. After a couple more doses of medicine, the pain was less, so we got to go home.

Tuesday was a decent day. It was the first day that I didn't require IV pain medicine. I went to a lymphatic massage Tuesday afternoon. And why it's called a massage I will never know. It's not relaxing or anything. This treatment is to try and help the lymph system drain and release toxins. Mine is very backed up and not working properly. There are pressure points on the feet and body that correspond to organs. She worked on each, and which ever ones hurt, there could be a problem there. The worst for me where the bladder, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus. I almost jumped off the table as she pressed on those. There are also lumps all over my body that she has to work out, to get the lymph system moving. I can feel the lumps all over me, and once she works on them, they are smaller.

Everything was fine until an hour after the treatment. I got the worst migraine and body aches. My abdomen hurt even more. I had to go ahead and take morphine, and thankfully didn't have a reaction to it. Through out the night, I took 2 migraine pills, and the migraine was still there. I threw up several times starting at 6am, but went to sleep after that. I only got a few hours of sleep, and when I woke up, I felt terrible. I barely made it through a shower, before I begged to take me to the clinic. I couldn't stand light, so I hid under my blanket. They gave me IV pain medicine, and natural migraine medicine. That all helped my migraine, but not the abdominal pain and back pain. It was like I got a bad push.

Getting sick from the lymphatic treatment shows us that it's releasing toxins, which is a good thing.

Today I woke up feeling better than yesterday, but still not good. I've had to sleep with a trash can by my bed because I've been getting sick so much. I was able to take a shower this morning and get dressed, which was an improvement. I woke up with a cough, and my voice is hoarse. Coughing causes more pain in my abdomen, which is not good! I got IV fluids today, along with another IV of things to help my cough hopefully. I also got IV pain and nausea because I hurt so much more with the coughing.

I have an MRI scheduled for Monday afternoon. They are going to do a full abdominal and pelvis exam. I'm having bladder problems, so they need to make sure everything is okay with my bladder and kidneys. But the main reason for the MRI is to check for endometriosis, or something else in my abdomen that is causing the pain. Depending on what the MRI shows, I might have to have exploratory surgery again back home. The pain is just not better, and it's gone on for long enough. We are anxious to see what it shows.

I'm feeling better tonight, just hurting some and tired, but better than the past couple days. We met with the doctor today and just talked about things. We got a stronger medicine to try and keep the cysts and endometriosis from coming back again, so we'll see if that helps.

It started snowing so much this afternoon here! It's really pretty. Tomorrow I have another lymphatic treatment, so please pray that goes well, and that it's not too hard on my body.

Here is a picture of Grayson and I at the clinic today. He is the one I asked for prayers for a couple of posts ago. He's doing okay, not worse, but not better.

We saw these fake palm trees covered in snow tonight and had to take a picture!

I hope you are having a good week so far. The weekend is soon! I can't thank you enough for your prayers and support.

"I thank my God everytime I remember you" Philippians 1:3


  1. Victoria! We are praying blessings over you.

  2. Keep going Victoria!! You are doing astoundingly well. Praying for you! xx