Friday, March 18, 2011

Update on the past few days.

I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to update. The past few days are a blur from all of the pain and nausea medicine. Monday I was supposed to start the push but we decided not to. We talked with my doctor and all decided it would not be smart. I would end up having to be admitted to the hospital because of the pain if I got a push. So we decided to start me on 2 antibiotics to try and kill the infection in my abdomen. I am on Cipro and Flagyl. I did a major auto hem procedure on Monday. I took the antibiotics while I was at the clinic and when they kicked in, the pain got so much worse. The pain was so bad that I threw up. I had to have 3 doses of Demerol and Phenergan. I started feeling better after a while, so we got to leave. When we got back to the apartment, I got sick several more times through the night. That was Monday.

I woke up Tuesday feeling terrible. I barely got dressed before I was so sick. We got to the clinic and within 5 minutes my doctor sent me to the hospital. He called them to tell them I was coming. So off we went to an unfamiliar hospital. My dad and Landon were at the airport in OKC getting ready to fly to Reno.

We got taken back to a room at the hospital and I changed into my gown. When the nurse was taking me to my room, he accidental hit me in the head with his elbow. We had to laugh because we were already crying. They started an IV which took 3 tries. They drew blood, and gave me Dilauded for pain. Next I went to have a CT scan. I have had so many in the past six months, its ridiculous. They discussed the pros and cons of exposing me to more radiation, but decided it was necessary.

The CT scan showed that I have a large ovarian cyst. It also showed dilation of my small bowel. What does that mean? They said they aren't sure. It could be from things slowing down from the pain medicine (too much information I know), or it could be the start of an obstruction.

After my scan, I started hurting so much again so I got more medicine. Everyone at the hospital there was so nice, but it was hard being in a different state and hospital.

They were willing to admit me for pain control and monitoring, but after talking to my Lyme doctor, we decided to leave. My mom dropped me off at the apartment and went and got my dad and Landon from the airport! I wasn't in as much pain because of the dilauded, but I still didn't feel good.

I woke up yesterday morning (Wednesday), feeling a little better. I fasted Tuesday night and yesterday morning for my blood work. We went to eat after that, then came back to the clinic. I took my antibiotics and within and hour, the pain got so much worse. I had already taken a morphine pill, but the pain was still so bad. I also had fever (which I've had for days, maybe even weeks) that was higher than before. I ended up having to get a couple doses of Demerol in my IV. That seems to work better than oral pain medicine, it just doesn't last long. We had an appointment with my doctor yesterday afternoon. He put me on morphine pills around the clock to try and get the pain under control. It's so bad that not even morphine and Demerol can knock it out completely.

Last night in the middle of the night, I woke up in so much pain and was nauseous and I couldn't move because I hurt so much. My phone wasn't by me, so I could not get my parents. I eventually fell asleep again though. I felt terrible again this morning, even with the morphine pills. We got to the clinic, and I was given a dose of Dilauded and Phenergan. The pain came back after a couple hours so they gave me Fentanyl. That did not go well! The pain got worse, and I was doing everything I could not to scream. They gave me another dose of Dilauded, which helped a lot.

So today I had 2 double doses of Dilauded and Phenergan, morphine pills, and Fentanyl, and my pain is still there. It is a lot better than it was, but it's still there.

My poor arms are so sore and bruised! They ER nurse said several of my veins are as hard as rock from all the sticks, so we can't use them anymore. In the past several days, I've had at least 14 IVs and blood draws in my arms. They're all swollen and look terrible. Thankfully, I can use my port again!

Today when my doctor saw me crying in so much pain he asked if I would be okay with them giving me the IV pain medicine. I told him that I really don't want to get addicted. But he reassured me that it is okay to be taking this much right now, because he can see how much pain I'm in. He can't stand to just let me cry in misery. If you're in that much pain all the time, your body can't heal. It made me feel a lot better about taking such strong medicines around the clock. My metabolism is so fast, and my pain level is so high that it just takes so much medicine for me to be comfortable.

I have been so exhausted from all the medicines. Right now the plan is just to support me with pain medicines, and IV fluids with adrenal support, as the antibiotics get rid of the infection in my abdomen. My Lyme doctor wants to talk to my gynecologist since I have another big cyst, and possibly more endometriosis. My family and I are going to try and go to Lake Tahoe so my brother can ski, and we can snow tube!

Thank you for your encouragement, I love getting notes from you all. I check everyday, even if I'm not able to post. I love you all so much!!


  1. I have no words.

    You're incredible.

    Praying xxx

  2. Hope you make it to Lake Tahoe. I've heard it's great. Eat lots of In-N-Burgers for me!

  3. We're praying for you. Don't know what else to say except hang it there...

  4. Hi there,
    You don't know me, but I have a little boy with lyme. I also have endo and ovarian cyst problems. Have you thought about having excision surgery done by an endo specialist. The Center for Endometriosis Care is wonderful. My teenage cousin went there after two laps done by her regular GYN and she hasn't had problems since. Just a thought.
    I am praying for you!

  5. you are so strong and such an inspiration!

    i will be praying for you...

    another victoria