Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not the day we planned, but it's been nice.

Today didn't go quite as planned. But no day goes as we planned, right? We woke up planning on going snow tubing this afternoon. We called several places, but they were all closed because of the amount of snow fall. Every place was having to dig the lifts out of the snow. We were going to still try to go later today, but as I started getting dressed, I realized how bad I felt. I so wanted to go, but they still might not have been open, and I was too sick. It never gets any easier having to cancel plans with people. It makes me feel terrible.

My mom went and got me some cough medicine, which has helped some. I'm still on pain medicine around the clock, which helps keep me a little more comfortable.

This afternoon, my mom and I decided to get a pedicure. There is a spa less than a minute from our apartment, so I could do that. It was so nice! They massaged our feet and legs for a long time, and it was really relaxing.

We rented a couple movies and are making dinner at the apartment tonight. It's been nice not having to go anywhere, but I wish we could have gone tubing. We'll try again next weekend.

These are a few pictures from around our apartment! This is the entrance of the apartments on a snowy day.

The view off of our balcony

One of the gates to the apartments

I know I say it a lot, but thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. I really mean it from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. That's such a shame that you didn't get to go snow tubing - but yay about the pedicures, that sounds so lovely and relaxing! (although having said that, I think I would find it too ticklish and probably just laugh uncontrollably the whole way through it!)

  2. Yay for a pedicure!!! I'm sure you were a lot warmer than if you had been snow tubing! Hugs Victoria! Keep up the positive attitude!