Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clinic Day 1

Yesterday was a very long day! We felt every emotion possible. The first thing we did was meet with my doctor. He examined me, and we discussed everything. He thinks I have Mesenteric Adenitis, which is causing all the stomach pain. It could be a combination of that, and adhesions.

After we met with the doctor, we did some tests. They tested energy currents for every organ and system in body. It showed that everything is really stressed. They say that test isn't for diagnostic purposes, but they would run tests to confirm what it shows. Almost everything was in the moderate category in terms of how stressed it is. My liver and lymph node system were in the severe. Almost to the severe category were my heart, circulatory system, lungs, and I forgot what other ones. What does that all mean? It means my body is very stressed. My heart and circulatory system is not functioning as high as it should. That's why we are here though. We need to get things taken care of.

They also tested the IV and shot ingredients on me to see what I was sensitive to. After that, we went to eat lunch before starting my treatments.

I did what is called a Major Auto Hem. They accessed my port with a 2 inch needle first. Then, they take out a lot of blood. I'm not sure how much it is. Next, they mix the blood with oxygen, and put it through a UV light before putting it back in me. The oxygen and UV light kill bacteria and help clean the blood. It took a while to get the blood back in me, because the lines kept clotting. They had to get another nurse to figure out what to. They finally got it back in over a few hours. Sometimes people pass out from all the blood being taken, but thankfully I didn't. After that, you get an IV of hydrogen peroxide. This also helps clean the blood and is very effective.

 I was doing fine until towards the end of the IV. I got so hot and my stomach starting hurting so much that I was crying. By this time, it was 6 pm and the only people there were the doctor and nurses, my mom and I, and this boy my age and his mom. He was sitting next to me and was also having a reaction from the night before. The doctor and nurses came to the IV room and literally stood over us for hours, monitoring us and giving us medicine. The boy my age was having seizures and it was so scary. He was in so much pain too. They gave us both Toradol which is a strong anti-inflammatory. It didn't help either of us. They gave him some Demerol and Phenergan to see if that would help him. It actually made him worse.

Since I was in more pain than before, they also gave me Demerol and Phenergan. This clinic is a homeopathic clinic, meaning everything they use is natural. I didn't even know they had strong pain medicine like that. In all of my 2 years of coming, I've never known anyone having to get narcotics there. The first dose of Demerol helped, but it wore off quickly so I got another one. That one helped a lot.

My mom and I finally got to leave at 8pm. I'm so thankful that the doctors wanted to watch both us for several afters, knowing that we might have reactions. The reason I hurt so bad after the IV was because it was killing the bacteria in my abdomen, causing a Herx reaction.

Here are pictures from yesterday before I got really sick.

Clean blood going back in, and hydrogen peroxide.
My blood going through the UV light.
Today I am getting a Vitamin C IV. Vitamin C in high doses, has the same effect as antibiotics. It's possible that I could have the same reaction as yesterday with today's IV.

Yesterday we met a lot of great people. The clinic isn't very crowded which is wonderful. I have the best story ever from yesterday! Yesterday I was getting my IV, and the boy and his mom  (who stayed all night at the clinic too) walked into the room. His mom saw me and KNEW me! She found my blog a while back and knew all about me. She said she has even told my story to other people! They live in Tennessee! We felt like we knew each other, and spend most of the day just talking. It was weird that we both had to stay at the clinic till late at night, and both have to get strong pain medicine. I hate that we both had to stay late at the clinic, but it helped pass the time with other people there. Since the doctor and nurses had to monitor us so closely, we all just sat in the IV room for several hours and talked. Please pray for this guy and his mom and family. They have been through so much, and have a long ways to go.

We are fixing to go to the clinic for the day! I will try my best to update again tonight, but if not, I will tomorrow.


  1. Glad to see your smiling face! Thank you for the updates. I pray that you have no pain today.

  2. Thanks for the update Victoria! I just keep thinking how strong and brave you are to be going through so much and still smiling and still praising God. Praying xxxx